Fig. 3-37 The Norton equivalent circuit as seen at terminals A and B.
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// Demonstrate the short-circuit operators. using System; class SCops { static void Main() { int n, d; n = 10; d = 2; // Here, d is 2, so the modulus operation takes place. if(d != 0 && (n % d) == 0) Console.WriteLine(d + " is a factor of " + n); d = 0; // now, set d to zero // Since d is zero, the second operand is not evaluated. if(d != 0 && (n % d) == 0) The short-circuit operator prevents a division by zero. Console.WriteLine(d + " is a factor of " + n); // Now, try same thing without short-circuit operator. // This will cause a divide-by-zero error. Now, both expressions are evaluated, if(d != 0 & (n % d) == 0) allowing a division by zero to occur. Console.WriteLine(d + " is a factor of " + n); } }
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// Format time and date information. using System; class TimeAndDateFormatDemo { static void Main() { DateTime dt = DateTime.Now; // obtain current time Console.WriteLine("d format: {0:d}", dt); Console.WriteLine("D format: {0:D}", dt);
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The abundance of bandwidth is not likely to appear for some time. This bandwidth is available only over the fiber links. Yet, installation of new technology is a slow process. Fiber will be deployed in hybrid network architectures, which continue to utilize existing portions of the copper network.
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// Open a file using StreamWriter. using System; using System.IO; class KtoD { static void Main() { string str; StreamWriter fstr_out = null; try { // Open the file, wrapped in a StreamWriter. fstr_out = new StreamWriter("test.txt"); Console.WriteLine("Enter text ('stop' to quit)."); do { Console.Write(": "); str = Console.ReadLine();
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Data Source: Summary Database Table: SDB_EVENTLOG Purpose: Determining the percentage of time the selected servers were available to service connections. This report determines the period of time for which servers were down due to scheduled reboots. It also determines the period of time for which servers were down due to unexpected reboots. Details: The Server Availability report displays a table with the percentages of uptime, unscheduled downtime, and scheduled downtime. A graph is also displayed with a separate bar for each server selected. The bar is color coded to show the uptime, the scheduled downtime, and the unscheduled downtime during the reported time period. code 39 generator code project
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The Query Methods
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Client Hardware Configuration Compaq Proliant 800 Dual 500 MHz PIII Processors with 256KB L2 Cache 8GB SCSI HDD 512MB RAM 1GB Page File
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ASA Product Family
3.11.1 Minimum Vertical Under Clearance Is a Bottleneck for Truck Traf c
When test results are clear, writing the report should be a rather straightforward process. Most audit firms or IA departments have developed reporting templates, although in some cases, clients may wish to provide a template. When no standard template is provided (or expected), it is common to select a similar report and utilize. Attention to a few practices will help the output of report writing: Say things in the clearest way possible. This can mean breaking up run-on sentences into single statements and saying things with the fewest words. It is often preferable to refer to control owners by their title. The person can be listed with their title as a participant. A report will be meaningful to more people when individual names are avoided, and it will serve as a more effective tool for future management and reviewers. If multiple writers are contributing sections, one challenge can be the uniformity of the language used. If dissimilar language is used, more time may be required during review. It is handy to provide writing examples upon which writers can benchmark. The testing matrix plays an important role when writing the report. Some reports will present results from the full testing matrix, such as SAS 70 reports. Internal audit may focus reporting on the most material exceptions. The report is not complete until the workpapers and testing matrix have been reconciled to the report detail. This means evidence in the workpapers is organized and supports the content of the report.
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