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Part Two
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Virus Checking
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The prototype for window( ) is in <conio.h>. The window( ) function creates a rectangular text window with upper-left and lower-right coordinates specified by left,top and right,bottom. If any coordinate is invalid, window( ) takes no action. Once a call to window( ) has been successfully completed, all references to location coordinates are interpreted relative to the window, not the screen.
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Operating systems and database management systems should be configured so that all access to files and directories is logged. This practice promotes accountability and provides a trail of evidence in the event that a forensic investigation should be conducted in the future. Access logs themselves must be highly protected ideally, they should be stored in a different storage system than the data whose access they are logging. Access logs should not be alterable, even by database administrators and system administrators, so that no one will be able to erase their tracks should they decide to tamper with sensitive information and then attempt to hide the evidence afterward. Access logging is only effective if someone actually examines the logs. Because this can be a time-consuming activity, many organizations utilize alert-generating tools that send e-mail or pager alerts to key personnel when certain audit log entries (such as unauthorized access attempts) appear. These alerts permit personnel to act upon anomalous events when they occur.
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Digital photography is all about instant gratification. No matter what type of digital camera you own, you don t have to wait for prints to be processed before you know whether or not you got the shot. A second or so after you take the
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5.3.11 Parameters Affecting Vibrations
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The Align and Distribute commands don t simply tidy up objects into neat little rows the commands can be used to align or evenly space out objects in several different and convenient ways. Both types of commands can be applied using menu commands, dialog commands, or
Frame Relay Frame Relay 179
It is easier to implement label lookup and replacement than the IP forwarding algorithms. This was one of the initial drivers for MPLS (though its importance has often been overstated) since label switching was implemented in hardware (e.g., in ATM switches) at a time when IP forwarding was only implemented in software and hence label switches could support higher packet forwarding rates than IP routers. Carrier-class IP routers today are able to forward packets at line rate using hardware switching, so this issue is no longer considered important (though it is still true that label switching is simpler than IP forwarding). The ingress router may use information not included in the packet header (and which would thus not be available to a subsequent router) when assigning a packet to an LSP. Because subsequent routers (Label Switching Routers or LSRs) along the LSP need to examine only the label, and not the IP header, this can be generalized to enable non-IP traffic to be forwarded on MPLS LSPs (as with Ethernet over MPLS). This is probably the most important driver for MPLS, and is central to the layer 3 VPN technology that has driven much of the deployment of MPLS up to now. Packets may be assigned to LSPs that follow explicit paths rather than the path chosen by the IP routing protocols. This enables traffic engineering (a full description of traffic engineering is beyond the scope of this chapter) and could only be accomplished in a connectionless network by including a source route with each packet.
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
Building Information Modeling
6. In any new document, open the Symbol Manager, click the User Symbols + icon to
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