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The LastExecutionTime function will return the last time a string data_provider_name was refreshed, or if no string data_provider_name is provided, this function will return the last time the query was refreshed.
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Symmetry of color and structure Globular global pattern Regular dots and globules (circles) Hyperpigmented globules (black boxes) Islands of normal skin (black arrows) Perifollicular hypopigmentation (yellow boxes) Lanugo hairs (yellow arrows)
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debug Commands
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What is posterior asynclitism
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algorithms to try to push sound out beyond the range of the loudspeakers. And, you ve got the visual cue of the game and your mental idea of where you are and what you are looking at how you are oriented to help reinforce the cues that they are providing soundwise. What is cool (and dif cult) about the game environment is that they are computing this processing in real time based on user input, as opposed to working with a lm soundtrack where you always know that when the tornado hits the grain silo, the roof of the grain silo is going to come bouncing across the road behind our heroes truck and y off the screen to the left (we just saw Twister again last night). I have a Playstation in the living room and I enjoy games that use the same kinds of effects. How does surround sound technology t into the DVD realm Unlike matrixed surround sound, the DVD scheme actually stores the sound channels as discrete entities instead of trying to mush everything into stereo and then extract it later. When we talk about 5.1 sound, we are talking about an independent left, center, right, rear-left, rear-right (there s your 5) and the point-1 is the subwoofer, also called low-frequency effects or LFE channel. With it, we can just divert the low-end rumble of Godzilla s stomping feet into the subwoofer while the other speakers are playing the sounds of the whizzing jets and people screaming and running. The advantage of 5.1 sound over the stereo matrixed surround is several fold. The rst is that the rear channels on a Pro Logic system are of limited bandwidth. They are not getting a full-range signal. They are only good from 100Hz to 6 or 8KHz, comparable to AM radio. It turns out that they work surprisingly well even though they are not full-on Hi- . It really not optimal for things like the sound of wind, grass, and cricketsyou re really not going to get the bright, airy, realistic rustling leaves sound out of something that is only good up to 8 or 10KHz. The other problem is that because you are matrixing, the image tends to jump around a little bit. When someone starts talking the center channel, information that is playing out of the surrounds might get ducked the level basically drops down when a person starts talking and when they stop talking, it pops back up again. This is especially obvious on broadcast television, where lots of dynamic range compression is applied to the audio, but you can hear it on VHS movies, too. Also, you can t have separate sounds in the rear left versus the rear right, because the same signal is going to both of those speakers. With a discrete 5.1 soundtrack, all
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The C# Language
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Set up, but do not evaluate, the integral for finding the area of the surface obtained when the graph of f ( x) = x 6 , 1 x 4, is rotated about the y-axis.
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he C language does not define any keywords that perform input or output. Instead, I/O is accomplished through library functions. C++ Builder supports three I/O systems:
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Pace Yourself Life Isn t an All-or-Nothing Proposition
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0.50 Solar
AS A MATTER OF FACT A UV filter screwed onto the front of your lens cuts out some of the haze from scenery in the distance. But the real reason to use one is to provide your lens with cheap protection. The filter is a first line of defense from accidents that can leave the lens scratched or worse. And because you never want to clean your lens directly without using special cloths and cleaning fluids that won t harm the lens, the filter gives you a surrogate surface you can clean without any risk to the lens itself.
other aforementioned curves. This blending of curves is not acceptable for high-speed action, since the dynamic characteristics are poor due to the discontinuities in either the velocity or the acceleration of the follower. Note that the least complex conics applied to cams such as ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas have a continuous evolute, i.e., continuous locus of the center of curvature, to give the acceleration curve continuity. This ensures more acceptable high-speed characteristics. However, discontinuities in evolute and acceleration curves exist when blended with circular noses and anks. In addition, the Archimedes spiral, logarithmic spiral, and involute start with an impractical, abrupt slope in which a bump occurs with a discontinuity in the velocity of the follower. Blending curves have been employed to correct this theoretical in nite acceleration. In the past, triple curve cams having a circular arc nose, involute anks, and a harmonic or parabolic blend into the base circle were popular in the automotive eld. Note that the logarithmic spiral has inherent qualities that make it desirable for all sorts of bodies in contact. Applied to the cam form of Fig. 14.9 it provides the smallest radial cam for a given pressure angle. Moreover, the maximum pressure angle is constant during the action. 14.7.2 Circular Arc Cams In the past, the cams were of a combination of circular arcs with or without tangent straight lines. Even now, some designers utilize these cams regardless of their poor dynamic properties. In Fig. 14.10a, we see the blending of a circular arc cam having three different sized circles with r the radius of curvature for the circles. In Fig. 14.10b the circles are blended with straight lines (tangent cam). All cams may provide motion to roller followers or convex curved-faced followers.
Non-Broadcast Multi-Access Environments
D = difference angle D = incremental area g = angle between tangent to cam and radius G = cam surface or curve k = cam surface curvature l = arc length m = angle between velocity vector and cam radius m = ramp function from 0 to 1 r = radius to point Q on cam pro le r = mass density s(y) = positive de nite follower displacement function q = angle to point Q on cam pro le j(y) = follower oscillation function w = camshaft speed
Payout $12,500 $25,000 $37,500
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