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Quite often, the need will arise to expand an existing two-party call to a conference involving three or more participants. However, such an occurrence might not be foreseen at the beginning of the two-party call. Given that most PBXs and even residential phones support multiparty and the expansion of a call to include other parties, the same capability must be supported in a VoIP environment. Many H.323 endpoints or gatekeepers include an MC function. It is not a callable entity like an MCU used for a call-in conference, but it can be utilized in the event that a two-party call needs to be expanded to three or more parties. In order for a two-party call to be expanded to an ad hoc conference, one of the endpoints must contain an MC or one of the endpoints gatekeepers must contain an MC (in which case gatekeeper-routed call signaling must be used). If these requirements are met, then the two-party call can be established as a conference call between two entities. This requires that the Setup message from endpoint 1 to endpoint 2 contain a unique Conference ID (CID).
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The various solutions that are currently employed for delivering Carrier Ethernet each originated for a different purpose; for example, SONET/SDH was devised to deliver mission-critical voice services efficiently over a fiber infrastructure while also providing an unprecedented level of network resiliency, whereas WiMax was developed primarily to enable wireless broadband access over a reasonably large metro area. As noted in Part II, each solution has its own history, and in many cases, was only recently enhanced to support Carrier Ethernet. Naturally, some are more optimal than others, but a combination of factors such as the types of services supported (both Ethernet and non-Ethernet), depreciation of the solution infrastructure, and competitive issues, makes each of them commercially tenable. It needs to be reiterated that most of these solutions were conceived for delivering commercial services other than Ethernet and, in fact, primarily continue to serve that purpose. Thus, while assessing any of these Ethernet solutions, one must consider its primary functionality and its relevance in this broader context.
Cloud storage has a number of advantages over traditional data storage. If you store your data on a cloud, you can get at it from any location that has Internet access. This makes it especially appealing to road warriors. Workers don t need to use the same computer to access data nor do they have to carry around physical storage devices. Also, if your organization has branch offices, they can all access the data from the cloud provider.
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The following articles about setting up and tuning FRS may be useful for administrators: Description of the FRS Replication Protocol, Notification, and Schedule for DFS Content scid=kb;en-us;220938&Product= win2000 FRS Builds Full-Mesh Replication Topology for Replicated DFS ROOT and Child Replicas scid=kb;en-us;224512&Product= win2000
Part II:
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