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Fixed resistor. A zigzag symbol indicates a xed-value resistor. The resistance in ohms is constant regardless of current, temperature, or any other variable. The ability of a resistor to dissipate heat (calculated as W = I2 R, where W = watts, I = amps, and R = ohms) is determined mostly by the size of the resistor. The value (ohms and precision) of a resistor is shown by a series of colored bands, as shown on page 267. Variable resistor. A zigzag with an arrow through it indicates a resistor whose resistance value can be changed. Externally there are three terminals: one at each end of the full resistance, and a third ( wiper ) connected to a contact, which slides along the resistance wire or lm. The contact is generally moved by turning a screw or knob. The value of the variable resistor is its maximum value, which can be read with an ohmmeter across the
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Here, the iterator p is initialized to point to the start of the list. Each time through the loop, p is incremented, causing it to point to the next element. The loop ends when p points to the end of the list. This code is essentially the same as was used to cycle through a vector using an iterator. Loops like this are common in STL code and the fact that the same constructs can be used to access different types of containers is part of the power of the STL.
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E C A U S E robot combat has evolved from being a backyard brawl between a group of inventive engineering types into nationally televised sporting events, the rules governing the sport today are far more sophisticated than they used to be, and the types of weapons systems builders use have evolved over time. The majority of weapon regulations still focus on safety. However, a few of today s rules stem from instances in past matches in which a robot was judged as lacking in fun an important factor for those who have plunked down their hardearned money to come and see a robot rumble. For example, entangling devices such as netting, adhesive tape, fishing line, and chains are no-nos now, because they can slow down or even halt a battle. Another disallowed item is noncombustible gases used to disable an opponent s fuel-burning engine. A heavyweight robot named Rhino once used Halon gas very effectively in its matches to starve its opponents gasoline engine-powered weapons. As a result of that robot s inventive strategy, the preceding rule was added to the books the following year. The safety issues notwithstanding, seeing contestants lose because their engines got shut down as opposed to being immobilized due to getting their metallic guts ripped out and strewn all over the arena is not very fun to watch. It is still possible to build a winning robot without having to resort to banned weapons like flame throwers, stun guns, and electromagnetic pulse emitters. In this chapter, we will discuss several types of weapons systems that are used in combat robots.
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If you wish change the default location, run clientcache.exe from the %Program Files\Citrix\Streaming Client folder. This program will allow you to change the location for the cache as well as the size. NOTE: When changing the cache size, use an integer that represents the size in MB. For example, for a 2GB cache size, enter 2000MB.
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The prototype for ispunct( ) is found in <ctype.h>. The ispunct( ) macro returns non-0 if ch is a punctuation character or a space; otherwise, it returns 0.
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significant to the router. You use a wildcard mask when specifying which interfaces are in which areas and are participating in OSPF: network IP_address wildcard_mask area area_#.
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class Test { static void Main() { XY xy = new XY(1, 2);
is vital because the time clocks in computers often drift (run too fast or too slow), and it is important for all computers time clocks in an organization to be precisely the same so that complex events can be more easily correlated. Directory Services Protocols DNS (domain name service) This is a vital Internet-based service that is used to translate domain names (such as into IP addresses. A call to a DNS server is a prerequisite for system-to-system communications where one system wishes to establish a communications session with another system and where it only knows the domain name for the target system. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) This protocol is used as a directory service for people and computing resources. LDAP is frequently used as an enterprise authentication and computing resource service. Microsoft Active Directory is an adaptation of LDAP. X.500 This protocol is a functional predecessor to LDAP that provides directory services.
produced by a milling cutter taking too large a feed in the continuous generation of a cam. See Harris (1991) for the effect of waviness on vibration and noise. Another kind of error is the misalignment of assembled parts. Misalignment of parts is a fault that should not be tolerated. The parts should be tted properly for machine running conditions. The sources of misalignment include inaccurate machining or large tolerances in the mounting surfaces. Misalignment produces a reduced fatigue life in camfollower contacting surfaces. In the roller follower there are two types of misalignment: (1) the cam follower axis is not parallel to the plane of rolling, e.g., the axis is lifted on one end. This condition will shift the contact area to one end of the outer ring. (2) Also, the cam-follower axis is not perpendicular to the direction of motion; in other words, the axis is skewed. Misalignment can be accommodated by using crowned followers. Straight rollers produce an elliptical contact stress surface, and crowned runners produce a circular stress surface. Also, a large radius crown should be used. 10.4.5 Probabilistic Model of Cam Pro le The stochastic nature of the cam pro le used by Kim and Newcombe (1982) is presented in this section. Also, the designer is referred to Chap. 12, which shows the combined effects of the cam follower dynamics and the probabilistic model of the cam pro le. In Fig. 10.7, we see that the desired location of the cutter is within a tolerance band in both the x and the y directions. Thus, the resulting pro le shape will have a random waviness, and surfaces produced by milling, turning, grinding, and honing have an almost gaussian, or normal, distribution. For the cam pro le, a normally distributed random value with a given mean and a standard deviation is generated from a sequence of uniform random numbers. To obtain a smooth acceptable shape, the random points that lie within a selected tolerance band are connected by a cubic spline curve, Fig. 10.8. Kim and Newcombe (1982) applied a spline curve on displacement values from the two-dimensional tolerance of the cam pro le and the roughness of the roller surface, assuming both obey the gaussian distribution, Fig. 10.9. The resulting continuous spline function was differentiated to obtain the theoretical characteristic acceleration, pressure angle, and radius of curvature of the cam pro le so that the dynamic simulation may be investigated, Fig. 10.9.
One of the easiest ways to create interactive multimedia for a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM project is by simply using your favorite HMTL editor. Whether you enjoy working in Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver, or a simple text editor, HTML offers some very clear advantages as an authoring medium.
Voltage @ Max. Rated Current Volts 7.90 volts 10.30 volts 10.22 volts 9.78 volts
C-Based I/O
Figure 6.50 A crystal-lattice BPF circuit.
The index table is the starting point of the disc the highest level. It lists all the titles on the disc with the corresponding Movie or BD-J Objects. The index table can be referenced whenever a title or a menu is to be executed. Hence, it is called during initial playback of the disc, during title search, and with menu call operations.
Each of these three components plays an important role in the setup, configuration, and transfer of information across a PPP connection. The following sections cover these components.
If a constructor takes only one parameter, then you can use an alternative method to initialize it. Consider the following program:
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