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void _dos_getdate(struct dosdate_t *d) void _dos_gettime(struct dostime_t *t)
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No rigid bandwidth limitations Rapid introduction of additional bandwidth/services possible Single interface for all services means simplified premise equipment management. Plug-and-play service aligned with LAN Ethernet
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Parabolic or constant acceleration
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Figure 22.6 Spontaneous emission from light-emitting diode (LED).
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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While the preceding pages have presented a glass-half-full image of SaaS, naturally there are some downsides. Happily, a lot of these hurdles can be easy to clear and are being overcome.
1.0 (FR)
induced conformational transitions can further our understanding of the forces involved and can be used to develop medical treatments and diagnostics.
One of the more important forms of an overloaded constructor is the copy constructor. As earlier examples have shown, problems can occur when an object is passed to, or returned from, a function. As you will learn in this section, one way to avoid these problems is to define a copy constructor, which is a special type of overloaded constructor. To begin, let s restate the problems that a copy constructor is designed to solve. When an object is passed to a function, a bitwise (i.e., exact) copy of that object is made and given to the function parameter that receives the object. However, there are cases in which this identical copy is not desirable. For example, if the object contains a pointer to allocated memory, then the copy will point to the same memory as does the original object. Therefore, if the copy makes a change to the contents of this memory, it will be changed for the original object, too! Furthermore, when the function terminates, the copy will be destroyed, thus causing its destructor to be called. This may also have undesired effects on the original object. A similar situation occurs when an object is returned by a function. The compiler will generate a temporary object that holds a copy of the value returned by the function. (This is done automatically, and is beyond your control.) This temporary object goes out of scope once the value is returned to the calling routine, causing the temporary object s destructor to be called. However, if the destructor destroys something needed by the calling routine, trouble will follow.
versions, of your image that you can work on without disturbing the other versions. It s similar to protecting one part of a photo by selecting only another part that you will edit. It s even more like the way animated cartoons were made of partial illustrations on sheets of clean celluloid; the camera could see through the clear portions of the top layers of celluloid to include artwork on the layers beneath, combining them all into a single image.
Specific Quantity Issues Since Webcor self-performs a lot of work, our estimating needs run beyond that of a GC to the level of detail needed by specialty subcontractors. At this level, specific modeling practices can have significant effects on the accuracy of the quantity information extracted form the model. A good example is the intersection between a slab and a beam shown in Fig. 5.5.7. The question here is whether to model the beam as 2 ft 0 in deep or as 2 ft 8 in deep. It s generally best to model the slab as a monolithic piece, so that would point to modeling the beam 2 ft 0 in deep so as not to count the concrete in the intersection twice. However, the rebar is designed for a 2-ft 8-in deep beam. Since our practice is to determine rebar quantity as pounds per cubic yard of concrete, modeling the beam at 2 ft 0 in would miss a lot of rebar. Our solution to this type of problem is to apply a consumption factor (our cost database has a field for this). In this case the beam is modeled at 2 in deep and the rebar cage is 32 in deep, so the consumption factor is 1.33. Thus if the normal rebar content for beams is 400 lb/yd3, for this beam it would be 532 lb/yd3. The point here is that using a model to generate a quantity takeoff is not simply a matter of pushing a button. Standards must be carefully set up and models audited for compliance in order to have them generate accurate numbers. Infrastructure Object Libraries Most BIM tools support the creation of standard objects (ArchiCAD favorites, Revit families, etc.) that can be used to represent common building components. In our system, we re able to link these objects with their appropriate information in the estimating DB. For example, we have multiple wall types in our library, all modeled with the same wall tool but each attached to a different recipe of materials and costs in the estimating DB. Templates A lot of information is identical from one project to another, especially within a given building type. Most BIM tools have the capability of embedding this type of information in a template that can be used to start a project with a lot of information already immediately available. We create templates for the project types we do repeatedly (office tower, high-rise residential, etc.) and include information such as the following:
1.23 Construction
3. Drag a corner handle left or right until the photo looks more integrated into the cover
A solid has base in the x-y plane consisting of a unit square with center at the origin and vertices on the axes. The vertical cross section at position x is itself a square. Refer to Figure 8.9. What is the volume of this solid
If your document contains more than one query with similar object names, then the query name precedes the object name, for example:
If the IMA service fails to start and this value is blank, the IMA service could not connect to the data store or the local host cache is missing or corrupt. If a value exists, the IMA service made a connection to the data store. The value displayed is the name of the subsystem that failed to load.
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