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// Demonstrate jagged arrays. using System; class Jagged { static void Main() { int[][] jagged = new int[3][]; jagged[0] = new int[4]; jagged[1] = new int[3]; jagged[2] = new int[5]; int i; // Store values in first array. for(i=0; i < 4; i++) jagged[0][i] = i; // Store values in second array. for(i=0; i < 3; i++) jagged[1][i] = i;
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for(x=0; x < 10; x++) { Console.WriteLine((uint) (ip) + " " + (uint) (fp)); ip++; fp++; } } }
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Part I:
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8.8.3 Quality Assurance and Quality Control
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Figure 2.34 (a) A QPSK modulator; (b) a QPSK demodulator.
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Align options are arranged into four areas: vertical (the top-right row of options), horizontal (the left column of options), page alignment options, and text options. Choose one vertical and/or one horizontal alignment option for each align operation. Here s how each of the options affects how your objects are aligned:
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The network engineer typically is responsible for day-to-day operation of the network, including upgrading network devices and adding capacity to network devices and interconnects. A network engineer also acts as a second line of support for problems that the operations center engineer cannot resolve. The operations center engineer is the first line of support for network problems and is constantly in a reactive mode. Most large corporations have a centralized network monitoring center staffed with level-one engineers who attempt basic troubleshooting on network problems. These engineers monitor for events triggered by servers, workstations, or network devices with built-in ability to alert the operations center of potential problems. 29.3 Service Level Management in the Enterprise Environment Service level management (SLM) is the strategy of defining, controlling, and maintaining desired levels of IT service for the business end user. SLM encompasses a wide range of activities: acquiring information to determine appropriate service levels, monitoring for compliance, and providing continuous user feedback regarding IT performance. Business end users, together with the IT department, define the level of service needed to stay productive based on their level of network reliance. The level of service is turned into a set of objectives that IT can then monitor. Figure 29.4 shows the
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// Use foreach on a two-dimensional array. using System; class ForeachDemo2 { static void Main() { int sum = 0; int[,] nums = new int[3,5];
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The performance of any network at some point will be limited by the amount of traffic it can carry. The raw bandwidth of the transmission medium has a maximum capacity that is defined by the bit rate or clock rate. The usable bandwidth is further restricted by overhead functions such as data frame formatting, addressing, routing, error checking, receiver synchronization, and media access schemes, to name a few. A useful rule-of-thumb for estimating the traffic-handling capacity of a network segment is the total media transmission capacity divided by the number of devices sharing that bandwidth. For example, if 10 users are connected to a 10 Mbps Ethernet segment, each user is provided an average of 10Mbps total network bandwidth 10 users = 1Mbps available bandwidth per user (15.3)
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NOTE Certain documents may force a query refresh as soon as you open the document. It is up to
Use the Model drop-down selector to choose a color model on which to base a collection of color variations you can save. Choose one of the configurations from the Hues drop-down list, and then click-drag to rotate the color wheel markers to alter the collection of swatches displayed at bottom left. Choose from Primary, Complementary, Triangle (1 and 2), Rectangle, or Pentagon hues to create color markers that move as you change the primary Hue marker around the color wheel; the related color markers range from a single point to five points. Use the Variation drop-down selector to choose among Cooler, Warmer, Lighter, Darker, and Less Saturated children of the target color you ve defined on the color wheel.
Sugars can be classified as reducing or nonreducing based upon their ability to be oxidized. A reducing sugar is easily oxidized, and a nonreducing sugar cannot be oxidized. The term reducing is used to classify sugars because these compounds reduce the other chemical in the reaction. A common chemical test to distinguish between reducing and nonreducing sugars is the Benedict s test. In this test, copper(II) ion will be reduced to copper metal if a reducing sugar is present.
Router(config)# interface serial [slot_#/]port_#.subinterface_# point-to-point|multipoint Router(config-subif)#
Preset selector Update Image Preview File Format selector File size Percentage change Add preset Palette type Color depth Delete Selected Preset Download estimate
Analyze and Conclude
Printer Management
Introducing Classes and Objects
Reporting and Analysis
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