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Let s assume that you are deploying an Orders universe directly against a transaction system. Users who enter Orders use BusinessObjects XI to create real-time reports against the same data source. Therefore, you want the same security in the source system to apply in BusinessObjects XI. You want BusinessObjects XI to pass individual database logins to the Orders data source. In order to do so, you create a set of database credentials for each individual user that will be passed on to the Orders data source. While it would be preferable for users to have the same user ID and password between different systems, this is sometimes not the case when different administrators are involved. As shown in Figure 7-4, the user ID and password to log in to BusinessObjects Enterprise is Cindi/ASK. However, the user ID and password to log in to the Orders Transaction system is completely different: U761358/ASK1. In order to pass this second user ID through to the universe data source, an administrator defines a set of database credentials for each user (see 13). These database credentials will apply to any universe or connection with the option use database credentials enabled.
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D a t a Ty p e s , L i t e r a l s , a n d Va r i a b l e s
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The standard pan and scan technique can be used with a 16:9 window (as opposed to a 4:3 window) when transferring from film to digital video. For 1.85 movies, the result is essentially the same as cropping and is hardly worth the extra work. For wider movies, pan and scan is more useful, but the original aspect ratio is lost, which goes against the spirit of a widescreen format. When going to the trouble of supporting a widescreen format, it seems silly to pan and scan inside it, but if the option is there, someone is bound to use it. When going from 1.85 to 16:9 (1.78), a small amount of picture from the top and bottom of the full-frame film area can be included. This stays close to the original aspect ratio without requiring a matte, and the extra picture will be hidden in the overscan area on a widescreen TV or when panned and scanned by the player. Even wider movies are usually shot full frame, so the soft matte area can be included in the transfer (see Figure 2.23). Figure 2.23 Opening the Frame from 1.85 to 1.78
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To back up your IOS image, you ll use the copy flash URL command. Optionally, you can specify the name of the IOS in flash in the command line. The URL specifies a URL-style syntax and includes the protocol, such as TFTP, the IP address of the server, possibly the directory to put it in, and the name the image will be called on the server. Optionally, you can just specify the protocol in the URL, and you ll be prompted for the rest of the information, like this:
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Notice that o is assigned a new value using the statement:
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Introducing C++ Classes
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Odio . . . No me gusta . . . No soy aficionado(a) a . . . Lo siento pero . . . Es demasiado dif cil. No me interesa. Por qu Qu va!
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Setting Extrusion Shape
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An important restriction applies to overloading the relational operators: You must overload them in pairs. For example, if you overload <, you must also overload >, and vice versa. The operator pairs are
Build Your Own Elec tric Car
Partial bulkhead to isolate fuel source from ignition source
hen working in CorelDRAW X4, you ll find yourself using an assortment of interface elements that offer control over everything you do. There are many areas that make up the interface because the program offers an abundance of creative tools to use so that you can create compelling graphics and documents. Certain areas of the interface such as the Property Bar are context sensitive: your available options change as you choose different Toolbox tools. Other interface areas, like the Toolbox, are always visible in the workspace. And then there are Dockers, which are displayed only if you specifically open them. Exactly which elements and where these elements appear in the program interface is not a set piece; you have to have ultimate flexibility and customization control so you can personalize CorelDRAW. You can choose between a predesigned workspace, CorelDRAW s default, add, remove, and rearrange options to suit your work needs and even make the interface look like Adobe Illustrator. The important thing is that you should feel at home working in CorelDRAW; this chapter shows you where everything is, and how you can make it suit your work style.
Action Open Presentation Server Console Server enumeration (one server) Server details (one server) Application enumeration (one application) Application query Publish Resource Manager Application Change farm metric server Any Resource Manager report on the local server
FHR variability
Shore-power connection
A table profile summarizes a table as a whole, the columns within a table, and the relation ships between tables as shown in Table 8.2. Because table profiles are tedious to construct manually, most DBMSs provide statistics programs to construct them automatically. The
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You can create booklets and other double-sided printed documents on your personal printer by using the Double-Sided Printing Wizard. You can access this feature independently of CorelDRAW by choosing Start | Programs | Corel Graphics Suite X4 | Duplexing Wizard or by pressing CTRL+D while in Print Preview. This wizard is fairly self-explanatory and straightforward to use. When a driver is set to use the duplex printing feature, the Manual Double-Sided Printing dialog displays when CorelDRAW s print engine starts to print, asking whether you want to print on both sides of a printed page. For specific page-insertion directions, you ll find an option that will print an instruction sheet to show you which way you should reinsert the sheet of paper after printing the first side. To prevent the Manual Double-Sided Printing dialog from appearing, disable the duplex printing feature by running the Duplexing Setup Wizard and selecting Disable when asked. To access the Disable option, you must run the wizard by choosing Start | Programs | Corel Graphics Suite X4 | Duplexing Wizard.
moves three Na+ ions into the cell for every Ca2+ ion that it moves out of the cell, is an example of
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