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Part II:
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Here, outputStream is the stream to which data is written. To write output to a file, you can use the object created by FileStream for this parameter. If outputStream is null, then an ArgumentNullException is thrown. If outputStream has not been opened for writing, ArgumentException is thrown. BinaryWriter defines methods that can write all of C# s built-in types. Several are shown in Table 14-5. Notice that a string is written using its internal format, which includes a length specifier. BinaryWriter also defines the standard Close( ) and Flush( ) methods, which work as described earlier.
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Typography Rules and Conventions
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cout << f() << '\n'; // display val's new value
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Failover Restrictions
Printable on/off option Editable on/off option {visibility: hidden;} tr.stow {visibility: collapse;}
5. Measuring and Using Numbers Calculate the theoretical mass of a pre-1982 penny
TCP and UDP Applications
90. The peptide bond A. links amino acids together. B. can be treated as a dipole with D 5 0.7. C. is surrounded on both sides by polar bonds. D. all of the above E. none of the above 91. In proteins, hydrogen bonds can form directly between various amino
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