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Make sure your vendor(s) provide customizable data views and reporting. This allows you to get to the data you need quickly. Also, make sure you can get your data back from the vendor. Many vendors make it difficult to export data from the system by only allowing it to be extracted in a proprietary format. Make sure you can export in a common format, like comma-separated-value (CSV).
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20: OSPF Routing
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Production Essentials
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Globular global pattern Irregular dots and globules (black arrows) Irregular blotches (yellow arrows) Bluish-white haze
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Figure 7-20 The PPS Application dimension properties should be correctly mapped to the data source fields while using a previously defined Data Source Table or View.
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Mary Margaret s Tips on Demos,
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These tell the compiler how a variable should be stored. The storage specifier precedes the rest of the variable declaration. The mutable specifier applies only to class objects, which are discussed later in this book. Each of the other specifiers is examined here.
Figure 8-1
Figure 2.12 E-LINE and E-LAN Connectivity Services
16.06. The CD includes a multimedia demonstration of configuring an IP address on an interface of a Cisco router. Using the example in Figure 16-2, the following would be the router s IP addressing configuration:
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Datagram size Timeout in seconds
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