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Deviations from these guidelines require written approval from the Sales Director and the Managing Director.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Adding events. Event list full. Event received by W object Event received by X object Event received by Y object Remove xOb.Xhandler. Event received by W object Event received by Y object Try to remove xOb.Xhandler again. Event handler not found. Event received by W object Event received by Y object Add zOb.Zhandler. Event received by W object Event received by Z object Event received by Y object
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Within the CMC, you need to set the security access level for both the users or groups and the respective universes. You can do this either by individual universe or for all universes. In Figure 13-4, all object-level security is set for all universes according to group membership.
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twisted-pair cable A type of network cabling that consists of a thick cable containing four pairs of insulated copper conductors, all surrounded by a protective jacket. two-factor authentication Any means used to authenticate a user that is stronger than the use of a user ID and password. Examples of two-factor authentication include digital certificate, token, smart card, or biometric. uninterruptible power supply (UPS) A system that filters the incoming power of spikes and other noise and supplies power for short periods through a bank of batteries. unit testing The portion of software testing where individual modules are tested. Universal Disk Format (UDF) A optical media file system considered a replacement for ISO 9660. See also ISO 9660, file system. universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) An airlink standard for wireless communications between mobile devices and base stations. Universal Serial Bus (USB) An external bus technology used to connect computers to peripherals such as mice, keyboards, storage devices, printers, scanners, cameras, and network adaptors. However, the USB specification indeed contains full networking capabilities, which makes use of those small USB hubs possible. Unix File System (UFS) A file system used by many Unix operating systems. See also file system. unshielded twisted pair (UTP) A type of twisted-pair cable where there is no shielding just four pairs of twisted conductors and the outer protective jacket. See also twisted-pair cable. user A business or customer who uses an information system.
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shared resource that can be used by only one thread at a time. For example, when one thread is writing to a file, a second thread must be prevented from doing so at the same time. Another situation in which synchronization is needed is when one thread is waiting for an event that is caused by another thread. In this case, there must be some means by which the first thread is held in a suspended state until the event has occurred. Then the waiting thread must resume execution. The key to synchronization is the concept of a lock, which controls access to a block of code within an object. When an object is locked by one thread, no other thread can gain access to the locked block of code. When the thread releases the lock, the object is available for use by another thread. The lock feature is built into the C# language. Thus, all objects can be synchronized. Synchronization is supported by the keyword lock. Since synchronization was designed into C# from the start, it is much easier to use than you might first expect. In fact, for many programs, the synchronization of objects is almost transparent. The general form of lock is shown here: lock(lockObj) { // statements to be synchronized } Here, lockObj is a reference to the object being synchronized. If you want to synchronize only a single statement, the curly braces are not needed. A lock statement ensures that the section of code protected by the lock for the given object can be used only by the thread that obtains the lock. All other threads are blocked until the lock is removed. The lock is released when the block is exited. The object you lock on is an object that represents the resource being synchronized. In some cases, this will be an instance of the resource itself or simply an arbitrary instance of object that is being used to provide synchronization. A key point to understand about lock is that the lock-on object should not be publically accessible. Why Because it is possible that another piece of code that is outside your control could lock on the object and never release it. In the past, it was common to use a construct such as lock(this). However, this works only if this refers to a private object. Because of the potential for error and conceptual mistakes in this regard, lock(this) is no longer recommended for general use. Instead, it is better to simply create a private object on which to lock. This is the approach used by the examples in this chapter. Be aware that you will still find many examples of lock(this) in legacy C# code. In some cases, it will be safe. In others, it will need to be changed to avoid problems. The following program demonstrates synchronization by controlling access to a method called SumIt( ), which sums the elements of an integer array:
The Cable TV Distribution System
Fort Lauderdale
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