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Designer supports three different types of connections, each denoted with a unique symbol in the list of connections: Personal connections that users may create for freehand SQL or that universe designers create when testing new data sources. The definitions reside in C:\ Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Business Objects\Business Objects 11.5\lsipdac.lsi (personal data account.local security information), where User is the name of the network or NT user. Shared connections that are shared via work group folders on a LAN server for designers to share outside the CMS repository. The definitions reside in sdac.lsi (shared data account). Secure connections that reside in the CMS repository. In order to deploy universes to end users, you must use secure connections.
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TABLE 9.1 ISDN Channel Types. The B and D channels of ISDN are specific portions of the total bandwidth of the transmission line. The B channel carries the voice/data information and the D channel the signaling information. The H channels are aggregated B channel, providing higher bandwidth to the users.
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The primary goal of seismic retro tting is to minimize the risk of unacceptable damage during an earthquake. Damage is unacceptable if it results in the collapse of all or parts of the bridge or loss of use of this vital transportation route. Bearings, sliding plates, and anchor bolt nuts may exhibit moderate to severe rust and material loss. The old approach for continuous girders was to provide two lines of bearings on each pier. It is important that all bearings allow movement during a seismic event and therefore will require regular maintenance. At the time of original old bridge constructions, there were no seismic criteria in effect. Hence, it is important to analyze the seismic vulnerability of bridge using three-dimensional nite element software, such as SAP 2000 or ADINA in order to minimize the risk of: Structural damage Loss of life Collapse of all or part of bridge Loss of use of a vital transportation route (essential route).
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The key point to remember is that when a base class is inherited as private, public members of the base class become private members of the derived class. This means that they are still accessible by members of the derived class, but cannot be accessed by other parts of your program.
After you reboot the Resource Manager Database Connection Server, the system may generate an Oracle ODBC error in the resource manager server log, such as this:
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On your own, try creating other string operations. For example, you might try defining the so that it performs a substring deletion. For example, if object A s string is This is a test and object B s string is is , then A B yields th a test . In this case, all occurrences of the substring are removed from the original string.
Part I:
FIGURE 14-11 ROOT Switch-A
MyClass t1 = new MyClass(10);
Understanding Optical Fiber
Problems and Limitations of Ethernet
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