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SS7 is not a single protocol per se; rather, it is a suite of protocols operating in concert. In the same way that the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
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Typical Deployment Scenarios
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This command will redirect port 80 connections to the HTTPS port (443 by default). TIP Using port redirection will greatly cut down on the number of phone calls from forgetful users trying to connect by using clientless or thin client mode to the ASA when they forget to type in https:// in the address bar of their web browser.
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ASCII CSV Vendor-specific Protocol decodes Statistics Expert analysis Traffic generation BER testing Stimulus/response testing Simulation/emulation Programming language
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Developing Data Models for Business Databases
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was out of business, causing applications and client data they hosted to be lost. PaaS generally offers some support to help the creation of user interfaces, and is normally based on HTML or JavaScript. Because PaaS is expected to be used by many users simultaneously, it is designed with that sort of use in mind, and generally provides automatic facilities for concurrency management, scalability, failover, and security. PaaS also supports web development interfaces such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfer (REST), which allow the construction of multiple web services, sometimes called mashups. The interfaces are also able to access databases and reuse services that are within a private network.
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6 T R A N S C E N D E N T A L F U N C T I O N S
6: Information Asset Protection
Aktan, A. E., The Integrated Asset Management Paradigm for Highway Transportation Infrastructure. Asset Management Primer, Florida Highway Administration, 1999. Risk-Based Prioritization of Terrorist Threat Mitigation Measures on Bridges, Journal of Bridge Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, March/April 2007. Byung, Hwan Oh, Lew Young and Young Cheol Choi, Realistic Assessment for Safety and Service Life of Reinforced Concrete Decks in Girder Bridges, Journal of Bridge Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, July/August 2007. Dewberry, S., Easing the Way for E-Permitting, Civil Engineering, September 2000. Selecting the Right Bridge Type, National Steel Bridge Alliance, 7. Smith, S. Data Collection an Advanced Art, CE News, April 2002. Wells, A. Asset Management Listen and Learn, Bridge Design and Engineering, Third Quarter 2001.
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