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The C# Language
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Web Intelligence provides dozens of functions allowing limitless formula combinations. The next section provides a few examples of multiple functions used together.
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The C# Language
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The prototypes for _dos_getdate( ) and _dos_gettime( ) are in <dos.h>. These functions are not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. These functions are obsolete and not recommended for future code. The _dos_getdate( ) function returns the DOS system date in the structure pointed to by d. The _dos_gettime( ) function returns the DOS system time in the structure pointed to by t. The dosdate_t structure is defined like this:
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The hardware interfaces installed and their statuses A summary of the status of the firewall configuration on the router A summary of the status of the VPN connections on the router A summary of the routing configuration on the router A summary of the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) configuration on the router
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In this chapter, you will learn
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availability of integrated, standards-compliant resilient packet ring (RPR) technology on the OME 6500. RPR capabilities on the OME 6500 include support for multiple Ethernet rings of up to 10Gbps and the ability to provision up to eight classes of service on a per customer and per application basis. Nortel was one of the first vendors to commercially deploy RPR-based technology in 1999. According to the company, since that time they have shipped more than 44,000 RPR ports to customers.
Our initial goal was to create a template for creating lectures, courses and degree programs in game-related fields. Based on feedback from a roundtable at the 2001 Game Developers Conference, our emphasis shifted. The result of this new approach is a curriculum framework, designed to delineate all of the topics related to games in an educational context with the details of implementation left to individual readers. The document you re about to read is the result of the Committee s efforts, anchored by Committee co-chairs and game developers Doug Church and Warren Spector, Northwestern University PhD candidate Robin Hunicke, game designer and academic Eric Zimmerman and the IGDA s tireless Program Director Jason Della Rocca. In addition, this draft was revised (and improved) many times thanks to insightful comments from the Education Committee at large, dozens of friends and colleagues, the 200+ attendees at least year s Academic Summit and a similar standing room only crowd at SIGGRAPH 2002. This document is also very much a work in progress. There is still plenty of work to do. We ve received enough feedback on this draft of the Framework to see that further revisions will emerge. We look forward to your continued guidance and feedback. With your help, we can attract and serve an ever wider audience. We thank you for your participation to date and look forward to crossing bridges with you in the future. Doug Church Jason Della Rocca Robin Hunicke Warren Spector Eric Zimmerman and the members of the IGDA Education Committee
To support acquisition of the necessary skills for learning and understanding application development, database design, and managing databases, this book adheres to three guiding principles: 1. Combine concepts and practice. Database management is more easily learned when concepts are closely linked to the practice of designing and implementing databases using a commercial DBMS. The textbook and the accompanying supplements have been designed to provide close integration between concepts and practice through the follow ing features: SQL examples for both Access and Oracle as well as SQL:2003 coverage. Emphasis of the relationship between application development and query formulation.
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