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Headends and Signal Processing
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Color space Color may be represented numerically by several different means, which may be more or less suitable for use with different kind of media (video screens, film, printed paper, and so on). Programmers most frequently represent color using the RGB (red-green-blue) color space, because this corresponds directly with the colors of the phosphor dots in a monitor. Printers prefer the CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellowblack) color space, which corresponds to the colors of ink used in four-color printing. There are many other forms of color space representation as well. Compiler A programming tool, a program which takes as input a file of program code (a source file) written in a high-level language, such as C++, processes it, and produces as output a file of machine code for a particular machine (an object file). Compression Conversion Cost of goods
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Interworking Softswitch and SS7
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// This program averages a list of numbers entered by the user. using System; using System.IO;
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gmtime( ), time( ), asctime( )
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The network fabric is the combination of devices, wires, computers, and software that interact to form a data communications network. There are many of these that are brought together to create the local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) environments that are in common use. There are three interlinked concepts that this chapter addresses: the protocol stack (TCP/IP, SNA, etc.), network topologies (ring, star, etc.), and the interconnects. The latter are the devices that do most of the work in the network, such as routers, hubs, and switches. These three aspects of networking will determine a large part of how network testing is approached.
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QuickBooks Overview
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Character begins (left side-bearing)
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TCP/IP uses two transport layer protocols: TCP and UDP. The following two sections discuss these protocols in depth and describe their characteristics and the segmentation they use, including the layout of their segment headers.
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One namespace can be nested within another. Consider this program:
Remember the terms in Table 2-3 and that computers deal with data in binary (bits). A quick anagram you
Introducing the Standard Template Library
Real-World Chemistry
What are the pertinent factors to ask about when taking a history Review of symptoms: how often leakage occurs, what provokes urine loss, how much urine is leaked, what
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Operator Overloading
5: More Data Types and Operators
Overloading the Relational Operators
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