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Exploring the System Namespace
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FIGURE 6.12 Revised Water Utility ERD with Annotations
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7. Click-drag the end marker of the shadow so the
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5. In the Account Name box, enter a login ID. In some organizations, this may be a numeric employee identification. This is the only required field to create a new user. 6. In the Full Name box, optionally enter a description for the login ID. 7. The Email address is used for scheduling reports to be automatically delivered via e-mail. 8. Description is optional. 9. Under Password settings, provide the user with a default password, or you may leave the password box blank and check the box to ensure the user enters a password on the first login. 10. Click OK to create the user. The CMC will display the newly created user with the alias name. Because BusinessObjects Enterprise supports authentication against multiple directories, it uses aliases to map one BusinessObjects Enteprise user to different user IDs in other directories. In the preceding example, the user ID Betty Carr is given the same alias name.
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2 Davis Drive Belmont, CA 94002 Phone: 650 596 1900 Fax: 650 596 1915 Web:
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Each data row will have the following contents, where Variable is the universe object or report variable:
You can run both version 1 and 2 of RIP on an interface if you have RIP routers speaking both versions. You can control this in both the send and receive directions on the interface with the rip send and rip receive commands. To run RIP in compatibility mode, make sure both versions of RIP are enabled on the interface in the appropriate direction(s). Assuming you are running RIPv2 on an interface, you can also authenticate routing updates with RIPv2 peers connected to the interface. The rip authentication command allows you to set up authentication for RIPv2. You have two choices for validating a peer: Send the authentication information in clear text (text) in the routing update. Digitally sign the routing update using MD5 authentication (md5).
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piece, choose the Drop Shadow Tool. On the Property Bar, choose Pers. Top Right from the Presets selector drop-down list.
Figure 30.4 Typical SDH format logging screen.
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
This text is displayed before the username and password prompt. This text is displayed once a user has successfully authenticated. This text is displayed once a user has failed authentication.
// Store class objects in a list. #include <iostream> #include <list> #include <cstring> using namespace std; class myclass { int a, b; int sum; public: myclass() { a = b = 0; } myclass(int i, int j) { a = i; b = j; sum = a + b; } int getsum() { return sum; } friend bool operator<(const myclass &o1, const myclass &o2); friend bool operator>(const myclass &o1, C++
An autonomous system (AS) is a group of networks under a single
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