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As a final note, you may observe that the only thing guaranteed to be transported through a Carrier Ethernet network end to end, no matter what technology (SONET, MPLS, bridges, ATM, or anything else) is used in the network, is an Ethernet frame. IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731 define a means of determining, reporting, and diagnosing the health of a Carrier Ethernet network using only Ethernet frames, with no dependencies on the underlying technologies. Thus, Ethernet CFM/OAM can be very useful to a customer or a provider, even if bridges are not employed at all in providing the Carrier Ethernet service. (For that matter, CFM can be of considerable use in an enterprise network.)
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At the time of its introduction, no one saw the compact disc as anything more than a vehicle for delivering music in a digital format. While experimenting with digital audio tape, Sony had come up with a system for converting analog sound for digital storage; this new method had many advantages over analog methods of storage. Research on optical laser technology demonstrated the capability of being able to precisely record signals at a density that easily supported the recording and playback requirements of this new medium (44.1Kilobytes per second, abbreviated as Kbps). Intent on avoiding the product introduction problems that had plagued video laserdiscs, Sony and Philips mapped out a strategy for unifying and standardizing the data requirements of compact discs so that all players would consistently play back any compact disc. Their strategy worked. Audio data as speci ed by Red Book is partitioned into tracks, up to a maximum of 99 tracks per disc. The contents of each track might represent a single song or ten minutes of a speech or a 30-second sound clip of a dolphin s chittering. These tracks originate from a continuous spiral on the disc surface, starting from the innermost area of the disc where a table of contents indicates the location of each item. Locations are expressed using a time code that speci es minutes, seconds, and a sector number to pinpoint the start of a track. Sectors (sometimes called blocks) can be read at the rate of 75 sectors per second. In other words, a block contains audio data that occupies 1/75th of a second. Audio data is always played back by CD-ROM drives at singlespeed rates (150 Kilobytes per second), even on 12x or 24x drives. Red Book further divides each sector into a group of frames. Each sector contains 98 frames, and each frame contans 24 bytes. A technique known as Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation (EFM) is used to encode the digital samples of audio waves into a series of transitions, hard-coded into the disc surface as pits and lands. During playback, this data is decoded back into the digital representation of the audio signal, which is then put through a Digital-to-Analog (D/A) convertor to produce the sound waves that drive audio speakers.
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Standardized services Scalability
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Case Study: The Creation of DroidWorks
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Today, the overwhelming majority of satellites in orbit around the earth are positioned at a point 22,300 miles above the earth s equator in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO). At a distance of 22,300 miles, a satellite can maintain an orbit with a period of rotation around the earth exactly equal to 24 hours (see Figure 24-4 ). Since the satellites revolve at the same rotational speed of the earth, they appear stationary from the earth s surface. That s why most earth station antennas (satellite dishes) don t need to move after they have been properly aimed at a target satellite in the sky.
In internal combustion automobiles, in addition to your all-important electric starter motor, you typically find electric motors in the passenger compartment heating/cooling system, radiator fan, windshield wipers, electric seats, windows, door locks, trunk latch, outside rear view mirrors, outside radio antenna, and more. digitalcamera/index.htm
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The assignment operator does have one interesting attribute that you may not be familiar with: It allows you to create a chain of assignments. For example, consider this fragment:
} void cl::put_i(int j) { i = j; } int main() { cl s; s.put_i(10); cout << s.get_i(); return 0; }
Presentation graphics plane Interactive graphics plane
Frame Relay Con guration
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