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Blends and Contours
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First, notice that the router keeps track of matches on each statement. The first statement in ACL 100 has had 189 matches against it. It is recommended that you put a deny ip any any command at the end of an extended ACL, even though the implicit deny statement will drop the traffic. By putting this statement at the end of your ACL, you can see the hit counts of all the denied traffic: since the implicit deny command is invisible, you can t see the hit counts for it. You can clear these counters with this command:
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Part I:
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Example 1: (Target Payout) Assume:Annual unit sales of 120,000 MWH and 30 contracts. Commission Rate: .29 (Look up rate on table.) Calculation: .29 120,000 MWH $34,840 Assume:Annual unit sales of 96,000 MWH and 15 contracts. Commission Rate: .08 (Look up rate on table.) Calculation: .08 96,000 MWH $7,680
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ASDM, discussed in 27, is a GUI interface used to manage the appliance. ASDM uses SSL to protect the interaction between the administrator s PC and the appliance.
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This code steps through the collection of selected shapes, one at a time. It first asks, Does the shape have a fill type that is not cdrNoFill and applies the new fill if the condition is true. Then it asks, Does the shape have an outline and applies the new outline if it does. In the code above, notice that before End Sub there s EndCommandGroup, which deserves an explanation here. The BeginCommandGroup and EndCommandGroup methods put together all the commands in between into a single Undo statement in CorelDRAW, with the name that you specify. After running this macro once, there will be an item on CorelDRAW s Edit menu called Undo Apply Red Fill & Blue Outline, which, when selected, will remove all of the commands between the BeginCommandGroup and EndCommandGroup statements.
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Table 2-1: Matching the Metering Mode to Scene Conditions
An entire "fortune cookie" program is shown here. It uses rand( ) to generate a random number. It then uses the modulus operator to obtain a number between 0 and 4, which it uses to index the array.
Bridges and switches make switching decisions based on destination MAC addresses.
Here, if j is non-zero, then i is divided by j, and the outcome is assigned to result. Otherwise, the div_zero( ) error handler is called and zero is assigned to result.
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12 Production Essentials
A2 Diplex lter
As an illustration let s examine a Pay TV service that offers 100 channels over an RPR ring verses a point-to-point approach. These 100 broadcast channels, in aggregate, will consume approximately 350 Mbps of bandwidth from the servers to the nodes. Each customer receives identical feeds simultaneously. For this illustration let s compare a 10 Gbps RPR ring with a point-to-point solution. Each of the ten 1 Gbps connections is discreet. Therefore, each connects the head end with only one of the Gig E uplinks from the aggregation equipment either over WDM or SONET/SDH equipment. This means that the 350 Mbps worth of feeds from the 100 Pay TV channels must be sent on each lambda or connection individually. Therefore, the bandwidth consumed by Pay TV is 350 Mbps 10 connections or 3.5 Gbps out of the
Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference
Figure 10.1 shows the costs per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced by: 220-amp alternator on a 20 hp diesel 110-amp alternator on a 20 hp diesel 55-amp alternator on a 20 hp diesel Solar panel at $8 per peak watt 5-foot wind machine at $1,500 The assumptions used include:
Related Functions
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