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Of course, if the Layer 2 AII PW routing table at each T-PE and S-PE was configured manually, the solution would fail to address the two challenges. The solution, therefore, also includes mechanisms for using multiprotocol BGP to advertise NLRIs for the Type 2 AIIs. These NLRIs are advertised as 96-bit prefixes with a mask (in a similar manner to the way in which IPv4 addresses are advertised by routers as 32-bit prefixes with a mask). S-PEs may choose to advertise aggregated reachability for example, if a Global ID is assigned to a service provider, then that service provider may configure its border routers to advertise that Global ID with /32 mask to neighbouring border routers supporting MS-PWs indicating that all PW endpoints matching that Global ID can be reached through those border routers. The dynamic MS-PW model also adds support for signalling the bandwidth required by a pseudowire. In the SS-PW case, this is unnecessary because each PE can select an LSP with the required bandwidth to meet the requirements of the pseudowire and can adjust the available bandwidth of the LSP appropriately. Likewise, in the statically configured MS-PW case, each S-PE can select the appropriate LSP for its attached pseudowire segments. However, in the dynamic MS-PW case, it is useful to have a mechanism by which the source T-PE can indicate the bandwidth required to each S-PE in the path. Consideration has also been given to enabling the source T-PE to select an explicit path to the target T-PE (i.e., a set of S-PEs to traverse). The dynamic MS-PW architecture represents the final stage in the evolution of pseudowires from being simply an edge-to-edge multiplexing mechanism for carrying circuits over LSPs to being a fully dynamic system capable of scaling to the largest networks and supporting inter-provider operation. This system consists of the set of interconnected T-PEs and S-PEs and uses Type 2 AIIs as its addressing mechanism, MP-BGP as its routing protocol (and, in fact, work has also commenced on using IGPs to flood Layer 2 reachability), and targeted LDP as its signalling protocol.
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Student StdSSN: Long StdFirstName: String StdLastName: String Generalization name
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Test case. As an example of a typical problem situation encountered by the installers of an ATM link into an existing frame relay network, imagine the following situation:
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Route Summarization
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Production Decisions
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// A simple class hierarchy. using System; // A class for two-dimensional objects. class TwoDShape { public double Width; public double Height;
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The #region and #endregion directives let you define a region that will be expanded or collapsed by the Visual Studio IDE when using the outlining feature. The general form is shown here: #region // code sequence #endregion
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// Lowercase letters. using System; class LowCase { static void Main() { char ch; for(int i=0; i < 10; i++) { ch = (char) ('A' + i); Console.Write(ch); // This statement turns on the 6th bit. ch = (char) (ch | 32); // ch is now lowercase Console.Write(ch + " "); } } }
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While it is true that the fail-soft array example prevents an array overrun, it does so at the expense of the normal array-indexing syntax. Is there a better way to create a fail-soft array Yes. As you will see in 7, C# includes a special type of class member called an indexer, which allows you to index a class object like an array. There is also a better way to handle the Length field by making it into a property. This is also described in 7.
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When a call is coming in from the network, things are again similar to the wireline network. 1. The mobile office receives signaling information from the network that a call is coming in. 2. The mobile office must first find the set, so it sends out a page through its network. 3. The page is sent out over the control channels. 4. Upon hearing the page, the set will respond. 5. The mobile office hears the response and assigns a channel. 6. The mobile office sends a message telling the set that it has a call and to use channel X. 7. The set immediately tunes to the channel it was assigned for the incoming call. 8. The phone rings, and the user answers.
To put it all together, consider the picture in Figure 4-6. This shows three components in our Smart Home LAN. On the left side of the picture is the cable modem. In the middle is a combination switch/firewall/router. On the right side is the wireless access point. The high-speed Internet signal comes in from the cable, then into the switch to which the access point is connected. In this case, the server and client computers are located elsewhere in the Smart Home, because they are able to connect via WiFi connections.
Creating Your Own Manipulator Functions
Inertia forces in most cam-follower systems are the most important of all the forces analyzed, especially at high speeds. Inertia forces are caused by the necessity of moving the follower masses linearly or rotationally. The inertia force on a linearly moving follower is Fa = where A = acceleration, in/sec2 w = equivalent follower weight, lb. The inertia force, passing through the center of gravity of the body, has a direction opposite to that of the acceleration. By D Alembert s principle, we may make a free-body diagram of all forces and analyze the dynamic condition as a static problem, Fig. 8.1a. For rotating bodies, the analysis is similar. If the body has an unbalanced torque, it will have an angular acceleration which will be resisted by a torque reaction. The direction of this torque will be opposite to the direction of acceleration (Fig. 8.1b). The torque is: w A lb g (8.1)
Local Area Networks
Key Management
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