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// A class that encapsulates three-dimensional coordinates. Implement a generic interface. class XYZCoord<T> : ITwoDCoord<T> { T X; T Y; T Z; public XYZCoord(T x, T y, T z) { X = x; Y = y; Z = z; } public T GetX() { return X; } public void SetX(T x) { X = x; } public T GetY() { return Y; } public void SetY(T y) { Y = y; } public T GetZ() { return Z; } public void SetZ(T z) { Z = z; } } class GenInterfaceDemo { // A generic method that can display the X,Y coordinates associated // with any object that implements the generic interface ITwoDCoord. static void ShowXY<T>(ITwoDCoord<T> xy) { Use methods specified Console.WriteLine(xy.GetX() + ", " + xy.GetY()); by ITwoDCoord. } static void Main() { XYCoord<int> xyObj = new XYCoord<int>(10, 20); Console.Write("The X,Y values in xyObj: "); ShowXY(xyObj); XYZCoord<double> xyzObj = new XYZCoord<double>(-1.1, 2.2, 3.1416); Console.Write("The X,Y component of xyzObj: "); ShowXY(xyzObj); } }
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Some interesting for loop variations are created by leaving pieces of the loop definition empty. In C#, it is possible for any or all of the initialization, condition, or iteration portions of the for loop to be empty. For example, consider the following program:
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// Create a main menu object. MainMenu MyMenu = new MainMenu(); // Add a top-level menu item to the menu. MenuItem m1 = new MenuItem("File"); MyMenu.MenuItems.Add(m1); // Create File submenu. MenuItem item1 = new MenuItem("Open"); m1.MenuItems.Add(item1); MenuItem item2 = new MenuItem("Close"); m1.MenuItems.Add(item2); MenuItem item3 = new MenuItem("Exit"); m1.MenuItems.Add(item3);
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Old Versus Modern C++ I/O
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(FF02::9) is used as the destination address in routing advertisements and is delivered to UDP port 521.
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SOLUTION This f is a function because every person has one and only one legal name. Notice that several people may have the same name (such as JackArmstrong ), but that is allowed in the de nition of function. You Try It: Let f be the rule that assigns to each real number its cube root. Is this a function In calculus, the set S (called the domain of the function) and the set T (called the range of the function) will usually be sets of numbers; in fact they will often consist of one or more intervals in R. The rule f will usually be given by one or several formulas. Many times the domain and range will not be given explicitly. These ideas will be illustrated in the examples below. You Try It: Consider the rule that assigns to each real number its absolute value. Is this a function Why or why not If it is a function, then what are its domain and range
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I want to be more focused.
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at excellent quality on D-VHS tape. However, after a limited test run by Universal and others, the format never took hold. The next several years saw DVD flourish as sales of DVD players in the US continued to grow to form an installed base of over 73 million players by the fall of 2003. By that time, more than 27,000 DVD-Video titles were available, of which over 1.5 billion copies had been shipped. Within a year, 40,000+ DVD-Video titles were available as the industry topped $22 billion. (That s right, billion is the one with nine zeros after it.) By this point, home video releases on DVD began to overtake theatrical revenue for the same titles, marking the start of a new paradigm in the content community. In December, the DVD Forum set up an ad-hoc group to study new, efficient HD codecs including Microsoft s Corona, the code name for what became Windows Media Video 9 and VC-1 with an eye toward fitting HD movies on dual-layer DVDs. Meanwhile, work had been steadily progressing on next-generation optical disc technology. Unfortunately, factions were forming, and it soon became clear that there would be a repeat of the early days of DVD, with more than one contender for the title of successor.
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J. Jes s Cervantes-S nchez Professor, Departamento de Ingeniera Mecanica, Universidad de Guanajuato, Salamanca, Mexico (chap. 7) Thomas L. Dresner Demitri Elgin Consulting Engineer, Mountain View, California (chap. 13)
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Primary Data Store Presentation Servers
int strcmp(const char *str1, const char *str2)
All of the commands, except the last two, were discussed in the Group Policy Attributes section previously in this chapter. The vpn-group-policy command allows you to override the tunnel group policy with a different group policy for the user this is not commonly done. The vpn-framed-ip-address command is used to assign an internal address to the remote. This is normally used for hardware remotes, like the ASA 5505, where you always want to assign the same internal IP address to the remote so that you can manage the hardware remote through the tunnel. In other words, since you re always assigning the same IP address, you know what IP address to connect to when using telnet, SSH, and/or ASDM.
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
Figure 6.4 SONET s layered line structure.
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Optical Storage Advantages
As with other effects in CorelDRAW X4, you can copy or clone from existing extrusions. Neither operation requires the Interactive Extrude Tool; both are accomplished by using menu commands. When copying an Extrude effect, at least one Extrude effect must be in view, and at least one object must be selected. To copy an Extrude effect, choose Effects | Copy Effect | Extrude From. The cursor becomes a targeting cursor (the large right-facing arrow guy). Use this cursor to indicate to CorelDRAW the extrude portion of an existing Extrude effect to copy all applied extrude properties. If you re using the Interactive Extrude Tool, you can also copy the effect by clicking the Copy Extrude Properties button on the Property Bar and then clicking to target an existing extrusion. Cloning an Extrude effect produces a slightly different result. When an effect is applied through cloning, the master clone effect object controls the new effect. Any changes made to the master are immediately applied to the clone. Any changes made to the clone properties will override the properties applied by the master, with any unchanged effect properties maintaining a perpetual link to the master clone effect. For example, if you change the depth of a clone, depth is no longer linked to the master object, but rotation, bevel, and other properties you didn t change are still linked from clone to master. To clone an Extrude effect, you must have created at least one other Extrude effect and have this object in view. You must also have at least one object selected onscreen. To clone an Extrude effect, choose Effects | Clone Effect | Extrude From. Your cursor becomes a targeting cursor. You then click on the existing Extrude effect you want to clone by clicking directly on the extrude group portion of the effect.
Cloud Computing at Work
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