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ready to use in CorelDRAW and other programs with no need to reboot or restart an application.
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Road shows When companies first start developing a business intelligence solution, many have corresponding information sessions about what is coming, when phase 1 will be available, and who will be trained first. The most successful road shows include business success stories and user testimonials on how BusinessObjects XI has had a measurable impact. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has an established data warehouse and BusinessObjects implementation. Even with a mature deployment, they still do two road shows a month for new groups of users. Their implementation is so successful that the project team is often now invited to speak at staff meetings to tell people about new functionality and how business units are benefiting from business intelligence. Video / podcasts Some companies have created videos, Webinars, or podcasts to use at road shows or staff meetings. The video may show the CEO, the project sponsor, or a business user giving a testimonial as to how BusinessObjects XI helps the business. While a video or podcast may be difficult to produce at first, it helps reduce travel costs and logistic issues in always getting the right people together. Company newsletters Existing corporate newsletters are excellent media for highlevel messages to a broad audience. Given the readership of company newsletters, the primary purpose of these articles is to build awareness, not necessarily usage. These articles should include information about the business goals and project milestones. You do not need to get too detailed about functionality. Industry journals Companies have a misconception that participation in user conferences and articles in industry journals help only the careers of the project staff and not necessarily the company. Not true! Owens & Minor has received a number of industry awards, something that helped create enthusiasm internally and helped them win new contracts. EMA also credits recent client wins to industry exposure. There are a number of ways to get your project into an industry journal. You can author an article. You can volunteer to be interviewed by Business Objects for a press release. Your company s public relations department can issue a press release either to technical journals such as Computer World, DM Review, Intelligent Enterprise, and CIO Insight or, if it has more of a business slant, to industry journals. Finally, consider submitting an application for industry awards. As a judge for TDWI Best Practices, I would encourage companies to submit an application for this prestigious award. In addition to taking time to reflect on their accomplishments, award winners enjoy additional exposure and speaking opportunities. Training classes Training sessions should go beyond the straight how-tos and address the benefits and business application of the data and of sharing information. Some companies use a game-style approach to training to generate enthusiasm. For example, one company regularly holds group workshops in which they divide the group into two teams. There is a question and answer session in which the two teams compete to share tips and best practices. Brown-bag lunches A brown-bag lunch is a casual information sharing session in which participants bring a bagged lunch and discuss effective usage of BusinessObjects XI or the data warehouse. Cingular Wireless, for example, refers to these as lunch and learns and will invite the vendor technical consultant to participate. A facilitator may start the lunch with a success story, tip, or project
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// Demonstrate the Stack<T> class. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; class GenStackDemo { static void Main() { Stack<string> st = new Stack<string>(); st.Push("One"); st.Push("Two"); st.Push("Three"); st.Push("Four"); st.Push("Five"); while(st.Count > 0) { string str = st.Pop(); Console.Write(str + " "); } Console.WriteLine(); } }
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21: EIGRP Routing
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= 15 = 90 = 1215 = (135/4) = (720/ ) = ( 1260/ ) = /4 radians = /9 radians = 11 /36 radians = 5 /9 radians = 2 /90 radians = 1.57 /90 radians
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// A short example that uses virtual functions. #include <iostream> using namespace std; class base { public: virtual void who() { // specify a virtual cout << "Base\n"; } }; class first_d : public base { public: void who() { // redefine who() relative to first_d cout << "First derivation\n"; } }; class second_d : public base { public: void who() { // redefine who() relative to second_d cout << "Second derivation\n"; } }; int main() { base base_obj; base *p;
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1400 1200 1000 1000BASE-LX
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Highlighting the Run option activates the Run pull-down menu, as shown in Figure 28-11. The first section runs the current project and sets any command-line parameters. Run executes the current project. If there were any changes made to the source files, this option will first compile and link the project before executing. Parameters allow you to pass command-line parameters to the program when it executes. The next section steps through the project in debug mode. Step Over starts the project in debug mode. Each time it is selected, it executes the next line in the code. If the next line calls a function, it executes the entire function as a single unit. Trace Into does the same as Step Over, except that it will follow the execution into functions one line at a time. Trace To Next Source Line stops the execution on the next source line of the application. Run To Cursor executes the application up to the point at which the cursor is located in the code window. Run Until Return executes the application until it returns from the current function. Show Execution Point places the cursor at the line in the code that is to be executed next. Program Pause pauses the execution of the application, and Program Reset stops the current application and frees up any memory.
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
Here, because derived is an object that has B as a base class, it will be caught by the first catch clause and the second clause will never execute. C++ Builder will flag this condition with a warning message. To fix this condition, reverse the order of the catch clauses.
11 - 9
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Remember the VTP defaults listed in Table 13-3. One of the very first VLAN configuration tasks you ll perform on your switch is to set up VTP. Table 13-3 shows the default VTP configuration of the 2960 switches. The following sections cover the configuration of VTP on the two switches.
6.4 V
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