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Fatigue and fracture limit state: Stress check from single fatigue truck (0.75 life or 1.5 HS-20 for in nite life). Shear stress: Web shear
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Early wireless networks had significant vulnerabilities in their design and implementation that drew the attention of intruders. This attention led to research and discovery of more vulnerabilities, which have led to a proliferation of tools designed to exploit them. The threats and vulnerabilities associated with wireless networks include: Eavesdropping This is the best-known threat identified with wireless LANs. Intruders with fairly simple tools are able to easily listen in on wireless communications, even when encrypted and protected through other means. Because wireless networks use radio frequency (RF) technology, the threat of eavesdropping will never completely disappear. War Driving and War Chalking War driving and war chalking refer to activities where intruders will travel in dense urban areas, looking for unprotected Wi-Fi access points. The term war driving comes from the practice of searching from within a moving automobile. War chalking is the practice of marking buildings (using chalk) with symbols to indicate the presence of a Wi-Fi access point, including some basic facts about it. The practice was popular in the early 2000s, but is not often used now. Figure 6-4 shows the common symbols that were used. The practice is thought to be derived from a similar practice during the Great Depression when hobos would mark buildings that were friendly, unfriendly, and where law enforcement was located. Encryption The earliest wireless LANs used no encryption at all not because it wasn t available, but because it required additional effort to implement. Because wireless access points can be configured to permit wide open (no encryption) configuration, many organizations stopped here and never implemented encryption. In addition, many Wi-Fi access points sold for home use did not have encryption enabled by default; most consumers did not bother to implement encryption because they did not know that it was important to do so. The WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption algorithm was developed to protect Wi-Fi networks from eavesdropping. WEP is so-named because its designers intended for WEP to provide confidentiality as effective as a traditional wired LAN. Unfortunately, WEP was soon compromised: Intruders with readily available tools can completely compromise a Wi-Fi network protected with WEP within minutes. These tools can derive the WEP encryption key, enabling an intruder to easily decrypt all encrypted communications on a Wi-Fi network protected with WEP.
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than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.
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1. Steel for girder webs and anges shall be a combination of ASTM A709-00 grade HPS70W manufactured by the thermo-mechanical controlled processing (TMCP) or quenched and tempered heat treatment processing along with ASTM A588/709 grade 50W. All other steel shall be ASTM A709-00 grade 50W. 2. The following plan note establishes speci cation requirements for fabrication of hybrid girders using high performance grade 70 steel: This work shall be performed as modi ed by the Guide for Highway Bridge Fabrication with HPS70W Steel, a supplement to ANSI/ AASHTO AWS D1.5. This work consists of furnishing all necessary labor, materials, and equipment to furnish and erect structural steel members, designed as a hybrid/mix of steel materials consisting of ASTM A709, high performance grade HSP70W in combination with grade 50W steel. 3. If projected ADTT exceeds 500, design live load will be HL-93. Fatigue analysis will be based on projected ADTT. Survey of CVN toughness requirements: Fracturetoughness for steels in civil structures is typically measured using the charpy V-notch (CVN) test. This test is speci ed where fracture is a concern. The high strain rate during this test is not representative of strain rates applied to structures in service and test temperatures do not match service temperatures. Complications occur when different codes, standards, and speci cations require signi cantly different test temperatures and minimum toughness. Steel designated CVN shall be impact tested to exceed the test values of ASTM A709-00 table S1.2 Non-Fracture Critical Impact Test Requirements for zone 2, temperature range. 4. Compactness and bracing requirements for high performance steel girders: Earls, Shah, and Thomas experimentally veri ed nonlinear nite element modeling techniquesfor the study of high performance steel (HPS) I-shaped bridgegirders. An evaluation as to the appropriateness of using thecurrent American bridge speci cation provisions for cross-sectional compactness and adequatebracing was carried out within the context of applications involvingA709 grade HPS483W high performance steel. Based on research, it appears that the current AASHTO ange compactness and bracing provisions are inadequate when applied to A709 grade HPS 483W bridge girders. Intense interactions between local and global buckling, as observed during the failure of the bridge girders, may be the cause. New ange and web compactness criteria, as well as new bracing criteria, are proposed by Earls et al for use in the design of A709 grade HPS483W bridge girders. Fabrication restrictions include: 1. Application of heat for curving and straightening applications, camber, and sweep adjustment heating is limited to 1100 F maximum, and must be approved. 2. Based on the experience of one fabricator, extreme caution should be exercised when submerged arc welding electrode recommended in appendix A of the AASHTO Guide for Highway Bridge Fabrication with HPS70W Steel. It has produced weldment containing unacceptable discontinuities in a substantial number of complete penetration groove welds. Consideration will be given to other welding processes if quali ed and tested and as required by the referenced speci cations. 3. In addition to the requirements of ANSI/AASHTO/AWS D1.5 Section 5.17, all procedure quali cation tests must be ultrasonically tested in conformance with the requirements of AWS D1.5-95, Section 6, Part c. Evaluation must be in accordance with AWS D1.5-95, Table 9.1, ultrasonic acceptance rejection criteria tensile stress. 4. Galvanizing: The plates, hardware, and accessories shall be galvanized after fabrication in accordance with ASTM A 123 or ASTM A 153. Galvanizing damage during erection shall be repaired in an acceptable manner.
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What is genital molluscum contagiosum A benign, usually asymptomatic, infection of the vulva caused by poxvirus Through sexual contact, casual skinskin contact, fomites (substances that absorb and transport infectious disease particles, i.e., underwear), or auto-inoculation Single or multiple (<30) small, white, pink, or flesh-colored dome-shaped papules with central umbilication in the genital/inguinal area. It is usually asymptomatic but eczema may surround the lesion and pruritus may occur Large lesions (>1 cm) or a clustering of numerous small lesions; intra-oral or peri-oral lesions can arise Multiple small lesions: condyloma accuminata Large, solitary lesions: basal or squamous cell carcinoma How is the diagnosis made Usually based on clinical manifestations. Biopsy can be performed for definitive diagnosis and will reveal intracytoplasmic inclusions It is usually self-limiting; cosmetic options include curettage or
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Context C4 Termination T8 Analog bearer
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Organization Resources Counselors, Inc.
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IP is the standard for data transactions everything from e-mail to Web browsing to e-commerce. When we combine these capabilities with the transport of voice, it is easy to imagine advanced features that can be based on the integration of the two. One example is an application where the receiver of an e-mail can call the sender simply by clicking a header within the e-mail. Another example is a button on a web page that a user can click to speak to a customer service representative for assistance in navigating the site or conducting a transaction, as depicted in Figure 1-3. When the user clicks that button, it is possible to direct the call to the most appropriate customer service representative based on what the user was attempting to do just before deciding to seek help.
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Figure 9 - 1
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Toshiba Building, 15th Floor 1-1, Shibaura 1-chome Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-01 Japan Phone: +81-3-5444-9580 Fax: +81-3-5444-9436 Web: www.dvdforum.org
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This sport has become so popular, in fact, that many robots have become better known than their human creators. For example, devout followers of robotic combat are familiar with such famous builders as Carlo Bertocchini, Gage Cauchois, and Jamie Hyneman, but these mens robots Biohazard (pictured in Figure 1-1), Vlad the Impaler, and Blendo, respectively are now bona fide household names among the millions of people who watch BattleBots on TV. The various robotic combat events have seen many different types of machines, from two-wheel-drive lightweight robots to six-wheel-drive, gasoline-powered superheavyweights. Even walking robots, more commonly known as StompBots, have entered into the mayhem. Probably the most well-known StompBot is the six-legged superheavyweight Mechadon built by Mark Setrakian. Setrakian has even built a super heavyweight snake robot. Though his unusual robots have not won any events, they ve all been outstanding engineering achievements and great crowd pleasers. The weapons on these robots range from simple wedges and spikes to jabbing spears, hammers, and axes, to spinning maces and claws, hydraulic crushing pincers, and grinding saw blades of every type, size, and color. The destructive power of these weapons has been used for everything from scratching paint off a rival bot to denting aluminum plates, punching holes through titanium and Kevlar, ripping off another robot s entire armor plating, and completely disintegrating an opponent in a single blow. One of the most destructive robots the sport has seen to date is Blendo. This spinning robot, more commonly known as a SpinBot-class robot, totally destroyed
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their angles equal. Since all three equal angles must add to 180 , the angles in an equilateral triangle are each 60".
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