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MHz, with the most destructive frequencies being, of course, at 10.5 MHz and 11.1 MHz. This is well within the passband of this particular receiver. Much higher order IMD is created in receivers and amplifiers, so all IMD up to the seventh order should be accounted for and, if it does fall within band, must be at such a low amplitude that it cannot cause problems. A low return loss (a high VSWR) can also create IMD in an amplifier or mixer stage because of the reflected waves from the next stage returning and mixing with the output and its sidebands. Harmonic distortion occurs when an RF fundamental sine wave (fr) is distorted by nonlinearities within a circuit, generating undesired harmonically related frequencies (2 fr, 3 fr, etc.). Interference to receivers tuned to many megahertz, or even gigahertz, away from the transmitter s output frequency is possible when these harmonics are broadcast into space (Fig. 3.12). The dominant cause of transmitted harmonics is overdriving a poorly filtered power amplifier, with an extreme case of distortion resulting in the sine wave carrier changing into a rough square wave. These nonperfect square waves contain not only the fundamental frequency, but numerous odd harmonics, as well as a certain amount of even harmonics. No amplifier can be completely linear, so a number of harmonics are inevitably produced within all amplifiers, and they must be attenuated as much as possible especially in a transmitter.
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Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
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make sure you understand what your prospective provider will allow.
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hapter 13 covered how to load and choose typefaces and provided guides for proper punctuation and text justification in your artwork. This chapter shows you how to work with the Text Tool and other CorelDRAW type features to express your ideas in an inviting and clear fashion. Whether it s for a poster, a newsletter, a banner, or a logo, you have the tools within reach to create the text and graphics that go hand in hand in presentations.
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Sales Production
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Figure 21.5 Twinaxial cable. Some grades of twinaxial cable might provide a twist in the two center conductors. Twinax provides a high-quality transmission path, but at a relatively high cost.
Your Model-Building Toolbox: Functions
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availability of the underlying components, several vendors started developing commercial FSO products in the 1990s.
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Radio interference commonly occurs when two radios transmit on the same frequency. In such a case, your robot will have a difficult time distinguishing between the two signals. The robot can stop responding, or it might respond to whichever radio has the strongest output power, or it might do some combination of the two. This can be a dangerous situation, because the robot can suddenly start to move or trigger weapons when it shouldn t. You should always carry various frequency crystals with you, and make sure that you are the only robot driver transmitting at a particular frequency. As noted, this is ensured at some events by the transmitter impound. Some people build their own R/C systems that transmit under the 300-MHz, 900-MHz, 1.2-GHz, and 2.4-GHz frequency bands. Many companies sell products designed to transmit data or control signals that can be used to control a robot.
Use a single string and escape sequences to show the WriteLine( ) statement that produced it.
The first 20 percent of a fully discharged battery s charging cycle is a critical phase and you want to treat it gently. You learned in 8 that all batteries have a standardized 20-hour capacity rating. Every battery is rated to deliver 100 percent of its rated capacity at the C/20 rate. During the first 20 percent of the charging cycle, you ideally want to
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