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The prototype for puttext( ) is in <conio.h>. The puttext( ) function copies text previously saved by gettext( ) from the buffer pointed to by buf into the region with upper-left and lower-right corners specified by left,top and right,bottom. The puttext( ) function uses screen-absolute, not window-relative, coordinates. It returns 0 if the coordinates are out of range, non-0 otherwise.
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data file, freehand SQL, or another data provider that does not accurately qualify dimension objects, you also must first modify the qualification (dimension, measure, detail) for the object. For example, if Year in one data provider is a dimension object and in the personal data provider it is a numeric column, Desktop Intelligence will automatically treat it as a measure. You cannot link these two measures until they are the same qualification. Using the Definition tab shown in Figure 24-2, you can change the object qualification for any personal data providers, but you cannot change them for objects that come from a universe. Once you have corrected the object qualifications, you continue to use the Data Manager to link the dimensions: 1. Select the variable in the first data provider. In this example, Query 1 Cust Last Name. 2. Click Link To. 3. The Define Link Between Dimensions dialog box displays a list of dimension objects from the second data provider (in this case, from a personal data file). Note that only the dimensions that do not have an existing link appear. Select the common dimension, Customer, and click OK.
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Answers to Self Tests
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A new and interesting innovation fostered by Mitsui adds a mastered session to a blank CD-R, providing a means of combining content distribution with the recordable capabilities of the media. Sporting the label, Mitsui AutoProtect Demo Disc, these discs feature a backup application known as AutoProtect, which was produced by Veritas. This backup application can guide you through the backup of selective les or a full backup of your system multiple discs can be used if you over ow the capacity of a single CD-R. File compression is used to gain maximum use of the available disc storage space.
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Because Range is the same as SumRange, we can actually write the formula in an abbreviated form: = SUMIF C2:C7,E2 If you want to write the condition within the formula itself, you have to put it as a text string (i.e., put it in quotes): = SUMIF C2:C7, >3
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This program prints THIS IS A TEST on the screen:
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Take care of business. Although you follow your interests first, putting off tasks that you perceive as uninteresting or mundane in order to do tasks that you find creative and meaningful, you can overcome this tendency to let the smaller or less interesting things pile up by doing the following: (1) Create a plan for accomplishing tasks; (2) allot a specific time each day to handle routine tasks; (3) take care of routine tasks immediately so they don t pile up; and (4) regard mundane tasks as developmental opportunities that is, find pleasure and satisfaction in ordinary work.
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Alternative 2: Disconnect All Leads Alternative 2: Disconnect All Leads
Out-of-service protocol test. As a first stage in commissioning equipment, it is important to ensure that the protocol encapsulation and mapping occur correctly across the IWU at full data rates. The IWU also includes many protocol layers, with error-handling capabilities in its encapsulation of SMDS in ATM. It is important that a tester be capable of verifying as many of these capabilities as possible to ensure that appropriate action is taken. The AAL 3/4 SAR multiplexing ID (MID) field allows multiple encapsulated SMDS PDUs to be multiplexed onto a single ATM channel. Alternatively, individual SMDS PDUs can use individual ATM channels. These mappings must be tested as well. In-service performance monitoring. Once the operation of the IWU equipment is verified, the network itself can be tested with real traffic (Figure 11.11). It is important here that the tester be able to monitor points in both the SMDS and ATM networks so that correlation can occur, allowing analysis of traffic as it crosses the IWU. As with other service types, a key monitoring task is to characterize the attributes of the SMDS traffic in the ATM network so that a clear picture of how other ATM traffic might affect the SMDS transfer can be drawn, and optimization can occur. Tester requirements. A tester suitable for SMDS-to-ATM interworking, as with frame relay, must be focused primarily on verifying protocol conformance and network performance at the service level. Similarly, it also should be capable of ATM and Physical layer testing in order to allow correlation through the protocol stack from the Physical and ATM Cell layers, through to the SMDS Interworking Service layer. To make these tests possible, the tester must include:
Answer: d
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
1. Deck joints: In jointless bridges, by eliminating the deck joints and row of bearings at abutments, long term maintenance costs can be further reduced. Group behavior of a single row of piles at each abutment is of fundamental importance to generate frame actions in both transverse and longitudinal directions. Applied forces result from thermal effects, braking, and earthquakes. 2. Connection detail at the top of piles can be designed for full xity, partial xity, and pinned. 3. Orientation: Flexible piles, with the weak axis placed normal to traf c ow, will permit longitudinal movement and rotation, thereby releasing beam stresses. 4. Corrosion: Corrosion of the ends of steel girders is also minimal when girder ends are encased in concrete pile cap. Comparative studies of commonly used piles such as steel H piles, pipe piles, prestressed concrete pile, timber pile, and sheet pile have shown that steel H pile (with weak axis placed normal to traf c ow) is the most exible type. Use of spread footing, caisson, drilled shaft, or two rows of piles will offer minimum exibility and will lead to semi-integral abutment conditions.
Service class Timing compensation Bit rate Connection mode AAL type Service example
Myth: DVD Players Can Be Upgraded to Play Blu-ray Discs
1. Run cabling to the location where you want your siren positioned. You might need to use fish tape to run the cabling through the wall. 2. Prepare the cabling by stripping insulation from the cable and three wires.
ciscoasa# show mac-address-table Interface Mac Address Type Time Left ----------------------------------------------outside 0009.7cbe.2101 static inside 0010.7cbe.6102 static inside 0009.7cbe.5103 dynamic 10
Figure 5.9 A ow diagram for fatigue evaluation of railway bridges based on AREMA code.
(7.46a) (7.46b)
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