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Capture Images Using the RAW Format
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Fig. 7.13 An Isolation Transformer
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The Cisco AnyConnect client is an SSL client that protects traffic at the network layer and above. In this sense, it can protect the same kind of traffic that the Cisco Easy VPN IPSec remote software client can protect. Unlike the Easy VPN client, the AnyConnect client uses SSL for protection of traffic. It can use both TCP and UDP as a transport for protecting user traffic. Most people assume that SSL is TCP-based; however, a new RFC now allows UDP as a transport. (This topic is further discussed in the DTLS as a Transport section later in the chapter.) DTLS is commonly used to protect delay-sensitive traffic like voice and video.
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Using a Constraint to Establish a Relationship Between Two Type Parameters
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2960 Models
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Compressed Video Out code 39 generator database
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Exploring the System Namespace
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in the catch sequence. If you don t do this, the base class catch will also catch all derived classes. For example, consider the following program.
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Preventive Action against Foundation Scour
Bit Error Rate Measurements and Error Performance Analysis Bit Error Rate Measurements 615
SaaS brings with it a number of regulations, including PCI DSS. Within PCI DSS are regulations for service providers. Requirement 12.8 of PCI mandates that service providers be compliant and contractually acknowledge their responsibility for protecting credit card data. The PCI DSS Appendix A goes into even more depth laying out rules and regulations.
Many times when we work with fiber optics we will encounter the term power budget without an explanation of its meaning. As we have just discussed decibels we will briefly discuss power budget, although we will return to this metric when we cover fiber in the next chapter. TABLE 2.2 Relationship between Watts and Decibel-Milliwatts
Coaching approaches to enhance the Nine s self-mastery Provide encouragement and additional methods for expansion.
Keycard systems Authorized persons are issued electronically activated ID cards that can be used to momentarily activate entry doors that are usually locked. These systems record the date and time that persons entered each door. Some keycard systems are also equipped with a PIN pad that requires the person to enter a numeric PIN before the door will unlock. This helps to prevent someone who finds a keycard from entering a facility. Keycard systems can also utilize biometrics such as palm scan, fingerprint scan, or iris scan. Cipher locks These are electronic or mechanical doors equipped with combination locks. Only persons who know the combination may unlock the door. Some cipher locks can be equipped with different combinations for each person and also record each entry. Fences, walls, and barbed wire These barriers are used to prevent unauthorized persons from approaching a building, keeping them at a safe distance. Bollards and crash gates These barriers prevent the entry of vehicles into protected areas. Some bollards can be retracted or removed when needed. Crash gates are hard barriers that lift into position, preventing the entry (or exit) of unauthorized vehicles, and can be lowered to permit authorized vehicles. Video surveillance The use of video cameras, monitors, and recording systems can be used to record the movement of persons in or near sensitive areas. Visual notices This includes signs and placards that warn intruders that premises are monitored and protected. Bug sweeping Because most covert listening devices emit radio frequency radiation, it is possible to detect them through the use of a bug sweeper. Security guards These are personnel who control passage at entry points or roam building premises looking for security issues such as unescorted visitors. Guard dogs These assist security guards and can be used to apprehend and control trespassers. NOTE A detailed risk analysis, including a study of physical facilities and access controls, should be used to determine which controls are appropriate for a facility.
Analog Measurement Instrumentation Analog Measurement Instrumentation 585
Safety Precautions
Height of wire gauze above Bunsen burner (cm) Time to boil (s)
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