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Figure 26.22 Error detector block diagram for a telecommunications BER test set.
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Even IsDate IsError IsLogical IsNull IsNumber IsString IsTime Odd
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Static capture is similar to overhead capture: A specific number of frames of the synchronous payload envelope are captured and displayed. Typical values range from 8 to 64 frames. This capture is useful when the data being carried covers the entire SPE. Relevant VT/ TU capture is more informative if a subrate (DS1, E1, etc.) is being carried. Some analyzers will capture the entire SPE and allow individual VTs or TUs to be displayed, while other analyzers simply capture a specified VT or TU position. Frame capture is important for viewing the entire contents of a data stream, to correlate events in the payload with those in the overhead. Many analyzers allow entire frames to be captured and examined, the number of captured frames varying with line rate and available memory. Up to 64 frames is not uncommon.
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As mentioned, when typeid is applied to a base class pointer of a polymorphic type, the type of object pointed to will be determined at run time, as the output produced by the program shows. For an experiment, comment out the virtual function f( ) in BaseClass and observe the results. Run-time type identification is not something that every program will use. However, when working with polymorphic types, it allows you to know what type of object is being operated upon in any given situation.
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It makes little sense to design all of the components of a data center with failover capability if the network represents a single point of failure. Users will rely on the network to reach one or a few data centers; it must be resistant to production outages. Buying a redundant circuit can be expensive, but carriers are often able to sell access to a circuit to more than one company for far less than the circuit itself would cost. In case the primary circuit fails, they can switch customers to this backup so that they can continue operation. If a secondary live circuit is not practical or affordable, another option is putting a second type of lower-bandwidth circuit in place. These backups will not provide as much bandwidth, but some access always beats total downtime. Using the Internet as a Redundant Network Because most businesses and many households today have Internet access, the Internet makes an obvious choice (assuming it can be secured) for access into the data center or as a backup network access path into the data center if private line access is lost. Since the release of Citrix Access Gateway (CAG), it has been easy for organizations to utilize the Internet as an access point into the data center. With the CAG, all data traversing from the Internet to the data center (and back to the Internet) is encrypted using SSL encryption (port 443), and no additional firewall port holes or client-side software is required. The CAG is covered in depth in 11. Virtual private network (VPN) technology may also be utilized for this same purpose. In the case of VPN technology, we strongly recommend the use of hardware encryption devices at the data center rather than software termination. Additionally, we have found that VPNs tend to require a significant amount of administrative overhead due to the complexity and update requirements of the client-side VPN software.
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3.4 Falling Bodies ......................................................................................................................................
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ATM physical layer testing. ATM can use virtually any digital transmission method available today or under development (ranging from twisted-pair through coax and
Part III:
Figure 5-16 is an illustration of a hybrid-progressive/regressive ramp commission schedule.
Prior to the development of SONET, the initial fiber-based systems used in the PSTN were all highly proprietary. The proprietary nature of the products included the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Equipment Line coding Maintenance Provisioning Multiplexing Administration
Figure 23.15 ITU-T G.958 SDH jitter transfer specifications.
chapter 8 T h e c e l l
Developer s challenge What if you could actually work better if you slowed down a bit
1. Preparation prior to underwater inspection: Conditions in the eld are adverse and ever changing. Proper planning, equipment, and personnel are vital for safety. Review available plans and previous underwater inspection reports to determine: The con guration of the substructure units and channel. Previous conditions. Areas of concern to perform preliminary dive planning. The most appropriate method of access, type of equipment, and personnel required. A suitable dive plan. A schedule and sequence to perform the work in the most ef cient and safe manner. 2. A fathometer survey will also be conducted along fascias, 100 ft upstream and downstream, and at the bridge centerline. The fathometer survey will be tied into an existing benchmark. 3. A complete report for each abutment and pier will be prepared. This report will include: General information. Field conditions during the inspection. Findings. Recommendations for repair. Cost estimates. Detailed bridge drawings, including sounding pro les.
Generating Random Numbers with Random
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