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Following is an example with the author name and web site completed.
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In this example, you must be at level 9 or higher to view ACLs; however, you must be at level 11 or higher to configure an ACL or to create static translations.
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As long as the network is working at normal load, all the icons are green. But suddenly the icon for call-related measurements turns red. This indicates to the network operator that a problem is developing in the network. To get more information, the operator clicks on the red-colored icon. This brings up the radar diagram for callrelated measurements. At this top level the problem can be identified as being a high number of call attempts somewhere in the network. This is indicated by the red polygon that exceeds the critical threshold for the measurement Call Attempts. More information is required quickly to resolve the problem. By clicking on the Call Attempts label, which is red as well, the next level of available information, the active histogram (Figure 33.8b), is shown. The active histogram shows the ten network point codes with the currently highest number of call attempt rates. It is clear that a single location (point code 248-43-0) has received an abnormally high number of calls and is overloaded. This extraordinarily high number of call attempts demands immediate attention to prevent a costly network outage. More information is available by clicking on the appropriate point code button. The time series histogram (Figure 33.8c) displays the activity at the selected point code during the previous 60 minutes. The extreme right-hand bar on the horizontal axis represents the activity at current time. It clearly illustrates the top five sources (originating point code/ phone number pairs) that caused the overload. The network operator can see that for most of the hour the call attempt rate
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One other point: If you overload the = = and != operators, then you will usually need to override Object.Equals( ) and Object.GetHashCode( ). These methods and the technique of overriding are discussed in 11.
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Related Properties
4.0 30 Cell Panel
There are two different scenarios for deploying optical wireless mesh networks. In the first scenario, optical wireless mesh could be deployed by means of integrating PtP FSO equipment with carrier grade networking equipment such as switches and routers. In the second scenario, an optical wireless mesh network could be deployed using optical wireless mesh equipment that already integrates optical wireless technology and mesh networking technology. In order to address both these scenarios, this section provides a brief overview of PtP FSO products and optical wireless mesh networking products currently being offered by various vendors. The discussion of the various networking equipment that may be deployed using the first scenario is beyond the scope of this chapter.
Radio-Controlled Servos The R/C servo discussed here is the same type of servo that is commonly found in R/C model airplanes. Figure 7-7 shows a photograph of one of these servos. The servo will respond to the signal from the radio transmitter by rotating its output shaft to various commanded positions. A servo arm (commonly called a servo horn) attached to the output shaft can be used to move a switch to an on or off position, which can supply power to the coils of the relays. The most reliable way to do this is to use a roller-type lever switch and a round servo horn manually cut into an egg shape. By doing this, the servo horn is being converted into a cam. Two lever switches positioned on opposite sides of the servo can be used to trigger two different motor circuits, or to drive a single motor in forward or reverse direction. The basic R/C servo configuration is shown in Figure 7-8. Microswitches can be used to drive small motors or to switch relays for driving larger motors.
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Part I:
Command Encapsulation MGCP supports the concept of encapsulation, where one command can be included within another. For example, when instructing a gateway to create a connection (a CRCX command), a call agent can simultaneously instruct the gateway to notify the call agent of certain events. Thus, we can find a NotificationRequest encapsulated within a CreateConnection command. This feature is particularly useful in cases when certain actions need to be taken or events need to be detected only in conjunction with other activities. For example, a call agent might require an MG to detect and report DTMF tones, but only when a call is in progress. In such a case, a NotificationRequest command instructing the gateway to detect and report DTMF tones would be encapsulated within a CreateConnection command, so that the tone detection would only occur in the context of the connection created. MGCP enables only one level of encapsulation. In other words, one command cannot be encapsulated with a second command, if that second command is already encapsulated within a third command. However, MGCP does enable multiple commands to be sent at the same time within the same User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet.
Cost to Buy/Play Playing cards Board game Broadcast TV Online game Cable TV Paperback book Video game Movie rental Movie at cinema Baseball game Arcade game Live theater Slot machine (adjusted for winnings) Pro football game Opera The Retailer $2 $25 $0 $10/month $40/month $5 $40 $2 $8.50/ticket $20/ticket $0.50/play $20/ticket $0.01/play $50/ticket $100/ticket 120/month (4 hours a day) 120/month (4 hours a day) 5 40 2 2 3 0.05/play (3 minutes) 2 0.0008 (3 seconds) 3 3 Hours of Use Cost/Hour $0 $0 $0 $0.08 $0.33 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $4.25 $6.67 $10.00 $10.00 $12.50 $16.67 $33.33
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Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) A TCP/IP routing protocol that is used to transmit network routing information from one network router to another in order to determine the most efficient path through a large network. bot A type of malware in which agents are implanted by other forms of malware and which are programmed to obey remotely issued instructions. See also bot army. bot army A collection of bots that are under the control of an individual. See also bot.
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