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color banding An artifact related to digital graphics with insufficient color depth to represent subtle differences in color. Banding occurs most visibly in slow gradients such as the fade of the blue sky. It appears as hard lines (bands) as the shade of the color changes. color depth The number of levels of color (usually including luma and chroma) that can be represented by a pixel. Generally expressed as a number of bits or a number of colors. The color depth of MPEG video in DVD is 24 bits, although the chroma component is shared across 4 pixels (averaging 12 actual bits per pixel). color difference A pair of video signals that contain the color components minus the brightness component, usually B-Y and R-Y (G-Y is not used, since it generally carries less information). The colordifference signals for a black-and-white picture are zero. The advantage of color-difference signals is that the color component can be reduced more than the brightness (luma) component without being visually perceptible. color model Any of several means of specifying colors according to their individual components. See RGB, YUV. colorburst See burst. colorist The title used for someone who operates a telecine machine to transfer film to video. Part of the process involves correcting the video color to match the film. combo drive A DVD-ROM drive capable of reading and writing CD-R and CD-RW media. May also refer to a DVD-R or DVD-RW or DVD+RW drive with the same capability. companded In digital data, first compressed and then expanded, resulting in nonlinear code representation. component video A video system containing three separate color component signals, either red/green/blue (RGB) or chroma/color difference (YCbCr, YPbPr, YUV), in analog or digital form. The MPEG-2 encoding system used by DVD is based on color-difference component digital video. Very few televisions have component video inputs. composite video An analog video signal in which the luma and chroma components are combined (by frequency multiplexing), along with sync and burst. Also called CVBS. Most televisions and VCRs have composite video connectors, which are usually colored yellow. compression The process of removing redundancies in digital data to reduce the amount that must be stored or transmitted. Lossless compression removes only enough redundancy so that the original data can be recreated exactly as it was. Lossy compression sacrifices additional data to achieve greater compression. compression rate A measurement as a percent of how much something has been compressed. For pictures, for example, the higher the percentage is, the better the quality of the image and the bigger the file size. conform Adjust the beginning, ending, and playing time of an audio track to properly synchronize with the video. constant data rate or constant bitrate See CBR. Content Code Software programs distributed on Blu-ray discs that run on the BD+ VM to examine the security of the player before undoing Media Transforms to make the content playable. Content Scrambling System (CSS) In DVD-Video, the encryption scheme designed to protect copyrighted material that resides on a disc by scrambling portions of the data using encryption keys. contrast The range of brightness between the darkest and lightest elements of an image. core stream In DTS-HD audio, the core stream carries the signal that is backwards compatibility with legacy DTS decoding equipment. Extension substreams add additional audio information for more channels, lossless encoding, and so on. CPAC Content Protection Advisory Council. The advisory body for DVD CCA, responsible for any
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// Use a named attribute parameter. using System; using System.Reflection; [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.All)] public class RemarkAttribute : Attribute { string pri_remark; // underlies Remark property public string Supplement; // this is a named parameter public RemarkAttribute(string comment) { pri_remark = comment; Supplement = "None"; } public string Remark { get { return pri_remark; } } } [RemarkAttribute("This class uses an attribute.", Supplement = "This is additional info.")] class UseAttrib { // ... } class NamedParamDemo { static void Main() { Type t = typeof(UseAttrib); Console.Write("Attributes in " + t.Name + ": ");
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Fabrication and installation of wiring connections should not damage the conductors. Special tools (see Figure 6.10 and discussion in 6) are available for making approved crimp-on connections. All connection components (conductors, terminals, studs, washers, and nuts) should be galvanically compatible and corrosion resistant. Speci cally, aluminum and unplated steel are not appropriate for studs, nuts, and washers. Marine connectors also differ from the more common electronic-type connectors in that they must withstand vibration and tensile stresses. Figure 9.7 shows the types of connectors approved for marine use, along with several types speci cally disapproved. Friction connectors (the blade and bullet variety in Figure 9.7) are allowed, provided they resist a 6-pound pull. The other approved connectors must resist the pulls shown in Table 9.16 for at least 1 minute. Although not speci ed in the ABYC standard, pretinned conductors are preferred in marine use. The reason will be apparent when you attempt to repair a conductor that has been on a boat for a few years. Chances are, if it is untinned, it will be corroded far up into the insulating sleeve, due to capillary wicking of moisture into the stranded conductor. Soldering corroded copper wire is ineffective and de nitely not recommended. Although solder can make a strong connection, the ABYC states that solder must not be the sole means of mechanical connection in any circuit. One reason is that the solder may melt if the terminal overheats, due to either an overcurrent condition or high resistance in the connection. Without any other means of attachment, a melted solder connection may separate. If you wish to use solder (and many professionals do), rst crimp the connector to the conductor, then ow solder into the crimped joint. As an altemative to solder, adhesive-lined, heatshrink tubing is available. It seals out moisture, mechanically strengthens the connection, and electrically insulates the terminal shank at the same time. Figure 9.8 shows how to make a terminal connection using adhesive-lined, heat-shrink tubing.
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3. Using a click-diagonal drag action, drag to create the new object. Holding CTRL
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of better construction processes (i.e., impact on the site and environment from the construction process), better assembly methods, reduction of project waste, safer building methods, etc. Improve Life-Cycle Performance Improve Maintainability of Components Reducing the life-cycle cost of the project is generally related to looking ahead at the longevity of materials and the performance of the building components over time. LEED ratings for construction projects take many of these issues into account. Improve Energy Use of the Project Energy consumption of the project is also addressed by LEED ratings. Both reduction of the energy consumption related to the operation of the project and the reduction of components that require energy in their production can be optimized through the evaluation of alternatives early in the design process.
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Active/Standby Using the Serial Cable: Step 7
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sin x dx = F ( ) F (0) = ( cos ) ( cos 0) = 1 + 1 = 2.
if x < 1 has limits if x 1
In this chapter we ll talk about the ups and downs of Software plus Services, and we ll spend some extra time looking at Microsoft s solution, which employs an in-depth use of Software plus Services.
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2. With an object selected on the page, open the Uniform Fill dialog (SHIFT+F11), click
Web Intelligence XI Release 1
Unlike spread spectrum that can experience interference from other users in the same frequency, TDMA keeps all users conversations separate. Because the conversation is limited to a timing slot, the battery on a telephone set should be extended significantly because the conversation is only taking up one-third of the time. Moreover, TDMA uses the same hierarchical structure as traditional cellular networks so it can be increased and upgraded easily.
temp.x = x + op2.x;
C++ Builder supports the Microsoft-defined #import directive, which is used to import information from a type library. It is included only for Microsoft compatibility.
Basic Management from the CLI
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