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a report is best authored in Desktop Intelligence versus Web Intelligence. It does not consider the broader issue of whether or not a report should be authored in Crystal Reports rather than Web Intelligence. See s 1 and 4 for a greater discussion of product positioning. The following table provides a summary of some key differences between Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence. Some of these items are important features but do not affect many users. Other items, however, will have a greater impact on your deployment and should be given more consideration. While Table 24-1 compares features, many things are common to both Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence documents: document components (described in 18), the microcube approach and drill capabilities ( 19), block styles (described in 21), formula capabilities (described in 22), and more.
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The function is_in( ) has two parameters: s and c. This function returns 1 if the character c is part of the string pointed to by s; otherwise, it returns 0. As with local variables, you can make assignments to a function s formal parameters or use them in any allowable expression. Even though parameters perform the special task of receiving the value of the arguments passed to the function, they behave like any other local variable.
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Specifically, absence of a pigment network Pigmented dots and/or globules found in some basal cell carcinomas Raises the issue of dermoscopic differential diagnosis of individual criterion One of the most sensitive and specific vascular structures seen with dermoscopy Red tree-like branching telangiectatic blood vessels In focus vessels because they are on the surface of the lesion Out-of-focus arborizing vessels should raise a red flag for concern that the lesion might be a melanoma Can be thick or thin Most often there are different caliber vessels in a single lesion Can also be found in Benign nevi Recurrent nevi Sebaceous gland hyperplasia Scars On sun-damaged skin Melanoma Basal cell carcinoma may or may not contain pigment (pigmented nests or island of basal cell carcinoma in the dermis) that can range from Fine dots to large leaf-like structures (bulbous extensions forming a leaf-like pattern) Not necessary to try to determine if leaf-like structures (maple leaf-like areas) are present since in reality this is a difficult task Blue-gray ovoid nets Multiple blue-gray globules Colors that can be seen (Figure 1-12) Black Brown Gray
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Figure 8.47 The series-pass regulator with feedback.
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10PASS-TS is a great technology for very short reach, asymmetric applications. Delivering residential triple-play data+voice+video services is a perfect application. Typical data and video services for residential users are highly asymmetric, with much more downstream bandwidth required. And with the advent of high-definition video signals, downstream bandwidth requirements are generally at least 20 30 Mbps. Using a VDSL2-based implementation can deliver these speeds at a few thousand feet. Carriers are generally deploying this technology from an RT so the copper loops
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Monitor.Pulse(this); // let Tick() run Monitor.Wait(this); // wait for Tick() to complete } } class MyThread { public Thread Thrd; TickTock ttOb; // Construct a new thread. public MyThread(string name, TickTock tt) { Thrd = new Thread(this.Run); ttOb = tt; Thrd.Name = name; Thrd.Start(); } // Begin execution of new thread. void Run() { if(Thrd.Name == "Tick") { for(int i=0; i<5; i++) ttOb.Tick(true); ttOb.Tick(false); } else { for(int i=0; i<5; i++) ttOb.Tock(true); ttOb.Tock(false); } } } class TickingClock { static void Main() { TickTock tt = new TickTock(); MyThread mt1 = new MyThread("Tick", tt); MyThread mt2 = new MyThread("Tock", tt); mt1.Thrd.Join(); mt2.Thrd.Join(); Console.WriteLine("Clock Stopped"); } }
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transition from any easily obtainable, easily forged ID card to one that is much harder to forge and can be recorded to a database. That is, the physical act of showing identification would not change much; the permanence and reliability of the act would. Extending the list of checkpoints further may expose sensitivities. If certain other products were interpreted to include firearms, for instance, it would be far easier to facilitate their registration (so gun advocates would be horrified) but a background check could be run in real-time (so advocates of a waiting period for firearm purchase would not be able to hide behind the background check requirement). Finally, if the national ID card is used to restrict access to certain sites or permit authorities to be alerted to the presence of a suspect individual, this information also needs to be kept in a database (even if the primary purpose of the database is to refresh local CRDs periodically).
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it too rapidly during these periods causes gassing and increased heating within the battery, greatly reducing its life. Ideally, you limit battery current during the first 90 percent of the charging cycle and limit battery voltage during the last 10 percent of the charging cycle. Either method by itself doesn t do the job. (Figure 9-3 shows why.) The graph at the upper right in Figure 9-3 shows constant voltage charging in the ideal case. The constant voltage is usually set at the level where gassing causes a decrease in current flow through the battery with time as the battery charges. Unfortunately, with no restrictions on current, this method allows far too much current to flow into an empty battery. Feeding 100 amps or more of charging current to a fully discharged battery can damage it or severely reduce its life. Let s look at the ideal approach during all four state-of-charge phases -0 to 20 percent, 20 to 90 percent, 90 to 100 percent, and above 100 percent. Figure 9-3 shows the results.
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known as the subscriber tap, it provides signal to the drop cable feeding the subscriber s television set. These taps were made with an input and output coaxial connector for the feeder cable, plus two or more F connector ports for the subscriber connections. The F -type connector and the C -type connectors were spin-offs from the MATV industry. Today many people in the cable television industry wish the 75-ohm version of the BNC connector was adopted instead of the F -type connector. However, present-day systems use a vastly improved F connector that, when properly installed, works very well.
Method public virtual void Clear( ) public virtual bool Contains(object obj) public virtual object Dequeue( ) public virtual void Enqueue(object obj) public virtual object Peek( ) public static Queue Synchronized(Queue queue) public virtual object[ ] ToArray( ) public virtual void TrimToSize( )
This category includes those from whom you can obtain complete conversion kits (all the parts you need to build your own EV after you have the chassis); conversion plans; and suppliers specializing in motors, controllers, batteries, chargers, and other components. You can find more information about conversions and components at http://eaaev. org/eaalinks.html.
The C++ Builder IDE main windows
Ill 19-13
8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
As mentioned earlier, resolution is expressed as a fraction, a ratio between units (pixels) and space (inches, usually). As you ll see later in Table 26-1, a few image file types such as PSD and TIFF can store image resolution information, and this is good. For example, let s say you need to inkjet-print a brochure, and the front page needs a photograph. A photograph of insufficient resolution is going to print lousily, pure and simple. However, if the photographer saved the digital photo to PSD, TIFF, PNG, or Raw camera file format (and knows about image resolution), you can import the image and know before you print whether the image needs to be resized or not (resizing is covered later in this chapter). The rule is that an image s resolution should be in the neighborhood of your printer s resolution. Therefore, let s say that you ve imported a photo and you know (by looking at the Bitmap page of Object Properties, covered in detail later in this chapter) that it s 4" wide, 3" tall, and 250 pixels per inch in resolution. Your next move is to check the printer manufacturer s documentation: although manufacturers tend to tap dance around specific printer resolutions, a good working guide is that an inkjet prints about one-third of the stated overall resolution on the box. If the box says the inkjet is a 720 dpi enhanced resolution, disregard the hype about enhanced and cut to the chase: a 720 dpi (dots per inch, not pixels per inch) inkjet can render about 240 pixels per inch. Therefore in this example, you can indeed faithfully print this 4 3" image with no loss in image detail. There is a way to tell the resolution of image file formats that cannot hold resolution information, so don t worry if you have a bunch of JPEG images you want to use in a composition you need to inkjet-print. As you progress through this chapter, working tutorial files will demonstrate what you want to do and when.
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