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SELECT DimCustomer.FirstName, DimCustomer.LastName, DimTime.FullDateAlternateKey, DimProductSubcategory.EnglishProductSubcategoryName, DimProduct.EnglishProductName, FactInternetSales.SalesAmount FROM FactInternetSales INNER JOIN DimCustomer ON FactInternetSales.CustomerKey = DimCustomer. CustomerKey INNER JOIN DimTime ON FactInternetSales.OrderDateKey = DimTime.TimeKey INNER JOIN DimProduct ON FactInternetSales.ProductKey = DimProduct.ProductKey INNER JOIN DimProductSubcategory ON DimProduct.ProductSubcategoryKey = DimProductSubcategory.ProductSubcategoryKey INNER JOIN
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Player technology has advanced to a level where the device components may match or exceed the components found in a typical desktop computer. Further, it ostensibly won the high-definition format war, Blu-ray faces competition from an unlikely source DVD players that can upconvert the video output to high-definition displays. Added to the challenge of choosing a player, there is the confusing complexity confronted when trying to make a decision about those very high-definition displays. Early adopters of HD displays are now caught in the technological gulch of having a greatlooking display but the display is simply not equipped to present the best possible image from a Blu-ray Disc player. The early model widescreen televisions may not have the latest in connection security with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) capability. If a Blu-ray Disc is authored to require that a secure HDMI connection exist between the player and the display, the player will only allow a less than full-resolution image to be passed to the display when there is no HDMI security. And, lurking in the wings is the soon-to-emerge (slow-toemerge ) DisplayPort connection technology that replaces DVI and VGA connections for PCs while respecting HDMI connections to HDTVs (whew!). Those videophiles who bought into the high definition arena before HDMI are just plain out of luck (unless they take their chance with a reverse adapter, HDMI to RGB). Conversely, early Blu-ray adopters most likely do not have a player that is capable of being upgraded to take advantage of the latest Blu-ray Profile features. When Blu-ray players were introduced they were only required to meet the initial feature set specified for a Profile 1 player. Further, the early players may not be capable of accepting a feature upgrade as their components are simply too simple (see 8, Myths). Yet, it is not only the endusers who are flummoxed by the myriad player choices. Disc authors are caught in a never-neverland of what player is capable of what features and whether they should program for what the player is supposed to be able to execute according to the latest format specifications or should they program for the lowest common denominator in player capability. Their dilemma is exacerbated by the fact that the ballyhooed Profile 2, aka BD-Live, player level is merely an optional feature set, not mandatory. Player manufacturers are not required to accommodate network interactivity. Players exhibit a range of characteristics. The player Profiles define which functions are mandatory and which functions may be optional. It is up to the player manufacturer to decide which optional features, if any, may be implemented in a player. Subsequent player generations need to fully support all previous features to ensure backwards compatibility of discs. Blu-ray Disc supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF graphics format files. Each of these formats has its own advantages and disadvantages for example, only PNG files support multiple transparency levels. Here, again, the decoding for each of these image types is implemented differently in each player depending on the player components, which will cause varying performance results from one player to the next. All of the players are quickest when decoding JPG images, followed by PNG images, and slowest when decoding GIF files. While the first generation players do not support the now current level of features, this can change over time by either upgrading the player firmware and/or releasing successive generations of players. And, at the same time, newer discs are becoming available that take advantage of the enhanced feature capabilities.
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ORM Diagram (US units)
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In 1972, Philips Corporation of the Netherlands issued announcements that foreshadowed the optical storage of audio content, but their initial experiments involved the use of analog modulation techniques. This poorly conceived approach was soon abandoned in favor of more promising digital signal encoding methods and Philips began work in earnest to de ne a signal format to use for audio storage. During this same time period, Sony Corporation of Japan was engaged in research to perfect error-correction methods that could be applied to digitally encoded audio. Collaboration between Sony and Philips resulted in the merging of Philips signal format with Sony s error-correction method and in June of 1980 the two companies introduced their proposal for the Compact Disc Digital Audio system. With support from 25 manufacturers, the Digital Audio Disc Committee adopted the proposed standard and the work effort shifted towards retooling the industry to support the manufacturing effort and designing the components that would make the standard possible, including Digital-to-Analog circuitry for converting the digital audio signals, laser read heads integrated into semiconductor designs, and other kinds of circuit designs that could be implemented inexpensively in a mass market product introduction. During the three-year period leading to the launch of the rst audio CD, other companies notably Hitachi and JVC made an effort to introduce a competitive form of digital audio disc. Their approach used capacitive storage techniques rather than optical storage. Capacitive storage has the advantage that discs can be manufactured very inexpensively, but the disadvantage is that the charged particles embedded on the disc lose their charge gradually over time. The format was abandoned before it ever became an actual product. Towards the end of 1982 the rst audio CDs began shipping in Japan and Europe. The new music storage format caught hold quickly and in March of 1983 the United States joined in the product introduction fervor, snapping up hundreds of thousands of players in the rst year (even though the cost of the early players was around $1000 each). By the end of 1984, more than a million players had been sold worldwide and CD sales exceeded 20,000,000 units. It didn t take long before engineers at Sony, Philips, and other companies began to develop techniques for storing data on disc. One of the most pressing needs was to devise a more robust error correction scheme than the one that was used for digital audio. Lost bits during audio play-
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Figure 23-4: Routers look at the IP header for the destination network address After receiving a datagram with an address that was local, the router would forward the data to its local physical port (the LAN). However, if a networked device was moved because the user was mobile, the router continued to send the data to the destination network in its table. A mobile user was therefore not going to receive any datagrams because IP did not guarantee delivery. This broke down the whole process because the devices were mobile, especially in global networks with mobile workers. Conceivably, a user could travel to a remote office and attempt to plug in a laptop computer with a static IP address from corporate headquarters. Because the IP was static, all the IP datagrams were sent along their way to the headquarters router where the IP subnetwork address was registered.
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YOU TRY IT Use the method of cylindrical shells to calculate the volume enclosed when the region 0 y sin x, 0 x /2, is rotated about the y-axis.
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Proper and consistent assignments of Terminal Endpoint Identifiers (TEIs) and Service Access Point Identifiers (SAPIs). The LAPD protocol utilizes a Data Link Control Identifier (DLCI) that contains a SAPI and a TEI. Proper configuration of the Subscriber Profile Identifier (SPID) in the ISDN equipment and in the ISDN switch. (SPIDs are required only in the United States). The SPID interaction occurs after the TEI and SAPI negotiations. Timing measurements. When a prompt is sent out, is the appropriate response returned within the correct amount of time Does this vendor implement the layer 2 handshaking in the same as another Protocol conformance testing that verifies that the proper Q.921 (LAPD) procedures are followed, such as link setup, information-frame transfer, and link disconnection.
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ment, file routing). Servers embedded in large internetworks, networks that link several geographically-dispersed sites, run special network operating systems on dedicated server computers. Smaller networks may only need a personal computer running its own operating system with peer-to-peer networking software. Client-server architecture lends itself to the many different computing work profiles that exist in organizations:
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lent bonds because the atoms share their electrons. Figure 4.4 illustrates the covalent bonds in a series of silicon atoms. Note that each silicon atom has access to eight valence electrons: four of its own and four from surrounding atoms. All the electrons are covalent bonds, and initially none are available as free electrons.
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Consult the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server documentation for details about implementing a scheduled backup routine.
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ForAll The ForAll context operator allows you to remove a dimension from the current default input context. For example, if a table contains the dimensions [Year], [Quarter] and [Sales Person] and the measure [Revenue], the default context is [Year]; [Quarter]; [Sales Person]. In the following example, the ForAll context operator is used to remove the [Sales Person] dimension from the context (without removing [Sales Person] from the table):
The importance of data quality is analogous to the importance of product quality in manufacturing. Poor product quality can lead to loss of sales, lawsuits, and customer dis satisfaction. Because data are the product of an information system, data quality is equally important. Poor data quality can lead to poor decision making about communicating with customers, identifying repeat customers, tracking sales, and resolving customer problems. For example, communicating with customers can be difficult if addresses are outdated or customer names are inconsistently spelled on different orders. Data quality has many dimensions or characteristics, as depicted in Table 2.1. The im portance of data quality characteristics can depend on the part of the database in which they are applied. For example, in the product part of a retail grocery database, important char acteristics of data quality may be the timeliness and consistency of prices. For other parts of the database, other characteristics may be more important.
Routing Introduction
The number of users that a server can support depends on several factors, including: The Conferencing Manager server s hardware specifications (processor, memory, disk, and available network bandwidth) The applications that are being run (because of the applications CPU and memory requirements) The amount of user input and graphics being processed and displayed by the applications The maximum desired resource usage on the server, for example, 90% CPU usage or 80% memory usage
No adnexal mass, no intrauterine sac Repeat hCG and ultrasound (US) in 2 3 days IUP No IUP
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
When you compose a photograph, you have a center of interest. This is the point of the photograph to which you want to draw the viewer s attention. Inexperienced photographers have a bad habit of placing the subject in the center of a scene, which can often lead to a boring photograph. Experienced photographers often compose a picture where the center of interest is offcenter. If you compose pictures where your main subject is not centered in the viewfinder, you ll have to lock focus and exposure on the off-center subject using the auto-focus point, and then compose the picture. Most cameras provide a method for locking exposure to the auto-focus point.
Boatowner s Illustrated Electrical Handbook is based on the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards and Recommended Practices for Small Craft, a set of standards almost universally followed in the United States and increasingly referenced throughout the world. Most of the dozens of other standards in use around the world are remarkably similar, so you would not go far astray in following the ABYC recommendations. If you need to reference one of the other standards, however, here is a list of the most important ones.
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