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Console.WriteLine("Initial number of elements: " + Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine("Adding 5 elements"); // Add elements to the array list. lst.Add(1); lst.Add(-2); lst.Add(14); Add elements to the list. lst.Add(9); lst.Add(88); Console.WriteLine("Number of elements: " +
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Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
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Figure 11.7 The MSPP and E-Line service delivery
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his chapter will introduce the concepts of SSL VPNs. Cisco refers to their SSL VPN implementation as WebVPN. Cisco supports three implementations of WebVPN: clientless, thin client, and network or tunnel client. This chapter will focus on the former two and the next chapter on the latter implementation. The topics discussed in this chapter include Introducing SSL VPNs and the different access methods Configuring basic WebVPN components for clientless access Defining group policies for WebVPN clientless users Creating tunnel groups for WebVPN users Becoming familiar with the clientless and thin client home page Supporting non-web traffic using port forwarding, plug-ins, and smart tunnels Verifying and troubleshooting clientless and thin client access
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If you are in the VBE and you press Alt Q or you click on the X at the top right of the screen, you will close the VBE and then be back in the worksheet part. Of course, if you do it this way, if you want to get back to the VBE, you will have to restart it.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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For EIGRP routers to become neighbors, the following information must match in their hello packets:
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background. Click the Inverts A Mask button on PHOTO-PAINT s Property Bar, and the scarecrow and scores of little holes in the geometry are now selected.
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7. The utility will provide a status reports of which documents were successfully converted, partially converted, or failed. Select Close to close the summary list and see a detailed explanation of each report conversion. 8. From the Conversion Results panel, there is a tab for each type of conversion: successful, partial, or failed. Use these tabs to understand why a conversion may not have worked or to identify manual tasks for partial conversions.
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/* Assume that fp points to a stream opened for write operations. */ while(!done) { putc(info,fp); if(ferror(fp)) { printf("File Error\n"); exit(1); } /* ... */ }
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The figure includes only a representation of the MEGACO messages and commands used, and it does not include a complete syntax of the messages. The complete syntax is given in the following code, along with descriptive text. The syntax assumes the use of MEGACO version 2:
Center Offsets Radial, Conical, or Square fountain fills feature this marker; you change the center position of the fill relative to your object s center by dragging the marker. Dragging the center marker of a Radial, Conical, or Square fill away from or toward your object s center also increases or decreases the Edge Pad value. Steps This setting affects both the display and printing of fountain fills. A fountain fill is actually calculated by blending neighboring bands of color in succession, but you don t see this banding effect because so many shades of intermediate colors are used between the To and From color. The Steps option is fixed at the maximum setting of 256 by default. However, you might be looking for a banding effect, to create shirt stripes or other geometric patterns. To lower this setting, click to unlock the Lock button. Lowered step values cause the color gradation in your fill to become unsmooth, as shown next. While 256 steps is set and locked, fountain fills will display and print using the maximum capabilities of your monitor and printer resolution.
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
SSL VPNs: Clientless
Example: R1 = 20 , R2 = 30 , R3 = 50 , V = 12 V. 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 = 1/20 + 1/30 + 1/50 = 0.050 + 0.033 + 0.020 = 0.103 R = 1/0.103 = 9.68 I = V/R = 12 V/9.68 = 1.24 A
As x goes from 1 to zero, ln x (the area) goes from 0 to large negative numbers.
where m1, m2 = Poisson s ratio of materials for the roller and the cam, respectively E1, E2 = the modulus of elasticity of materials for the roller and the cam, respectively r1, r2 = the radius of the roller and the cam, respectively Note that r2 varies according to the contact position and is given 2 ds ( ro + s) + dq r2 = 2 2 2 ds - ( r + s) d s (ro + s) + 2 o dq dq 2 where ro = rb + r1, Rb is the base circle radius. Also, with reference to the geometry of Chap. 9, the depth of deformations h1 = r1 - r12 - b 2
As mentioned earlier, sizeof is a compile-time operator. All information necessary for computing the size of a variable or data type is known during compilation. You may apply sizeof to any data type. For example, when it is applied to an array, it returns the number of bytes used by the array. Consider this fragment:
However, the Balance object also now includes the prompt to filter the query for one day (in addition to the user s condition on day). This generates the following SQL:
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