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IEnumerable is the non-generic interface that a class must implement if it is to support enumerators. As explained, all of the non-generic collection classes implement IEnumerable because it is inherited by ICollection. The sole method defined by IEnumerable is GetEnumerator( ), which is shown here: IEnumerator GetEnumerator( ) It returns the enumerator for the collection. Also, implementing IEnumerable allows the contents of a collection to be obtained by a foreach loop. IEnumerator is the interface that defines the functionality of an enumerator. Using its methods, you can cycle through the contents of a collection. For collections that store key/value pairs (dictionaries), GetEnumerator( ) returns an object of type IDictionaryEnumerator, rather than IEnumerator. IDictionaryEnumerator inherits IEnumerator and adds functionality to facilitate the enumeration of dictionaries.
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Figure 29-10.
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The rst method has the advantage of simplicity, but reduces the volume of the box. The second method retains the box dimensions, but its effectiveness is uncertain without disassembly of the cabinetry. Method one could be accomplished for about $50 in materials and $200 in labor by a reasonably competent berglass technician. Cost per kilowatt-hour saved is thus $250/1,186 kilowatt-hours = $0.21/kilowatthour. Both of our retro ts are at least twice as cost effective as adding solar and wind power, and ten times cheaper than generation by shipboard diesel. Caveat: The above calculations assume year-round use of the boat for 10 years. If you use your boat only 10% of the year, then solar and wind costs per kilowatthour should be multiplied by a factor of 10. That is why this chapter is titled Conservation for Liveaboards.
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With file share synchronization, the file share includes a separate directory for each user. Within each user s directory, credential information is stored for each application defined for use with Password Manager. Table 8-6 shows the disk space utilized for a single user with different Password Manager options configured. With these measurements, the amount of disk space required on a file share server can be calculated with the following formula:
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Design Principles: Where to Put the Intelligence
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When the user clicks on a link for any active assignment, the assignment Form opens up in the Excel work space, similar to the one seen in the top right quadrant of Figure 7-40. The data entry region where the user can enter the plan data is highlighted in yellow color in the Excel worksheet. Here the user can enter the plan data. By default, the users can enter data only in the cells that represent the leaf level of all the dimensions. However, Spreading of Data Entry can be turned on in the Options, which will allow the users to enter data at non-leaf levels as well. Spreading can be done evenly across all the children of the data-entry level, or based on the ratio of pre-populated data in the cells. In the example shown in Figure 7-40, the Account dimension members Airfare, Meals and Entertainment, and Hotel represent some of the leaf levels of the Account dimension, whereas member Travel Expenses is not a leaf level member. So, by default, the user will not be able to enter data directly to the Travel Expenses row. The data that is entered at the leaf level members of Airfare, Meals and Entertainment, and Hotel will automatically be summed up and presented at the Travel Expenses level. If Spreading is turned on, data can be directly entered at the Travel Expenses level and it will be allocated to the leaf levels of Airfare, Meals and Entertainment, and Hotel depending on the spreading type selected. The user can also use the same form for entering plan data for multiple members of the Entity dimensions. The different Entity dimension members are selected using the Select Filters dialog box that opens up when the user clicks on the down arrow next to the Entity member currently selected. This kind of Form design eliminates the need for multiple forms for similar planning needs across the various work centers within a corporation. The users access to the data can be controlled by setting the right permissions in the Planning Business Modeler client tool. There are three options available for a user to save the plan data, as can be seen under the Actions: drop-down box in the bottom-left quadrant of Figure 7-40. The Save Privately option saves the changed data privately to the users local hard drive, and the changes are not propagated to the PPS Planning server. The Submit Draft option saves the data changes to the server. This allows the contributor to share the changed data with other users who have the appropriate permissions. The user can still modify or update the data. The Submit Final option saves the assignment status and populates the changes to the PPS Planning server. This will promote the assignment to the next step in the workflow process such as review or approval. The data cannot be modified by the contributor after the Submit Final action. The Submit Final action should be selected once the user has entered all the plan data, and ready to submit the data to the PPS Planning Server. Clicking the green arrow button next to the drop-down box will initiate the selected action. The user can enter an optional comment in the next step and then click OK to finalize the action.
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Virtual paired bridge E
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When Resolution Counts
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C# provides a rich operator environment. An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform a specific mathematical or logical manipulation. C# has four general classes of operators: arithmetic, bitwise, relational, and logical. C# also has several other operators that handle certain special situations. This chapter will examine the arithmetic, relational, and logical operators. It also examines the assignment operator. The bitwise and other special operators are examined later.
Use the show controller command to determine DTE and DCE connections. Use the clock rate
FIGURE 1.18b
Theoretical cycloidal cam curve
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
While the Polygon Tool is selected, the Property Bar offers the number of sides for the polygon you ll draw; the default value is 5.
using System; using System.Collections; class MyClass { char ch = 'A'; // This iterator returns the first 10 // letters of the alphabet. public IEnumerator GetEnumerator() { for(int i=0; i < 26; i++) { if(i == 10) yield break; // stop iterator early yield return (char) (ch + i); } } } class ItrDemo3 { static void Main() { MyClass mc = new MyClass(); foreach(char ch in mc) Console.Write(ch + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } }
transport/section overhead
=Min([Revenue] ForAll ([Sales Person])) In ([Year])
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