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Understanding Entity Relationship Diagrams 145
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Arborizing vessels (red arrows) Irregular grayish-white blotches (black arrows) Follicular openings inside the lesion (yellow arrows) Follicular openings outside the lesions (yellow boxes) Pseudofollicular openings (white arrows) Bony-white color (stars)
With a greater number of reports being authored in Web Intelligence, you must consider the disconnected aspect of users who travel frequently. There are a number of solutions to address these users needs. Perhaps a PDF document or spreadsheet is sufficient. Or they may want to drill and sort offline via a Desktop Intelligence document. Longer-term, the vendor plans to provide a Web Intelligence viewer for this kind of disconnected access.
A client organization, or the department being tested, could request additional information from an audit process. Examples of this include: Feedback on policies Suggestions for improving their control environment Test results information in greater detail than in the report The feasibility of possible software solutions The client organization may have selected the contracted audit party because of the experience of team members. Certain audit projects give an auditor a significant under-
8 A P P L I C A T I O N S O F T H E I N T E G R A L
SMDS Frame Relay ATM
50% Time
Conductor Identi cation 121
For a site-to-site connection, the tunnel group type must be ipsec-l2l , where the l2l part is L-2-L , not one-two-one. Here s the syntax to create the tunnel group:
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