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At this point, you might be asking yourself the following question. Given that the same functionality found in the generic MyGenClass class can be achieved without generics, by simply specifying object as the data type and employing the proper casts, what is the benefit of making MyGenClass generic The answer is that generics automatically ensure the type safety of all operations involving MyGenClass. In the process, generics eliminate the need for you to use casts and to type-check code by hand. To understand the benefits of generics, first consider the following program that creates a non-generic equivalent of MyGenClass called NotGeneric:
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The specification of keys was introduced in Designer 6.5 with the sole purpose of generating more efficient SQL. As discussed earlier in this chapter, when users add conditions to a query, it may be more efficient to filter from the fact table than the dimension table. At the time of
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Once you ve created your TCP map, you need to associate it with a class map in a layer 3/4 policy map, as follows:
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Go-kart wheels give a robot the look of a racing car.
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Usage by DLCI. A good frame relay analyzer can detect the number of DLCIs active in a system and identify the level of usage for each one. Usage includes the information rate, sometimes called throughput, and utilization. These values can be compared directly to the previously negotiated CIR. Usage by LAN stack. A frame relay analyzer also can identify which LAN stacks are active and the utilization rates for each one. Some LAN packets are encapsulated according to RFC 1490 and use Q.922 Unnumbered Information (UI) frames of type 03. The analyzer must be set specifically to search for these packets. In addition to these two primary methods of encapsulating data on frame relay, many others also are in use. A given router or bridge may have its own unique (proprietary) interlayer or sublayer between the frame relay header and the LAN protocols.
Feasible Distance (FD)
day-to-day operation of the sales compensation program.The following components comprise sales compensation administration:
Console.WriteLine(msg + area); // The following statement will not compile because // radius is an int and cannot be assigned a floating// point value. radius = 12.2; // Error! } }
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Toolbox Tool Selection
1. Baumgartner and Waubke showed that frequency measurements in tension hangers under traf c loading can be related to the end xity of the hangers. 2. Biswas et al. reported a component evaluation technique using a hammer impact using dynamic responses. Results were con rmed with laboratory models, but eld veri cation was limited. 3. Cawley and Adams related changes of successive mode frequencies to the existence and location of structural deterioration in beams. 4. DeWolf et al. and Gregory et al. demonstrated a relationship between dynamic testing results and structural deterioration. Sensitivity of dynamic characteristics to deterioration was shown to depend on the particular modes being observed. 5. Huston et al. reported various full-scale bridge dynamic tests, showing that dynamic characteristics may be revealed using vibratory shakers, impact hammers, and traf c and wind loads. 6. Manning suggested that a localized dynamic analysis might be advantageous because serious loss of strength of a single member may occur before it can be observed on the entire structure. 7. Mazurek and DeWolf showed in eld tests that ambient traf c loads could be used as a basis for an automated monitoring scheme based on changes in vibration signatures. Their laboratory results encouraged further eld investigations. Changes in support condition and crack development affect natural frequencies and modal amplitudes. Changes in modal frequency were up to 30 percent for changes in support condition and up to 10 percent for cracking. 8. New York State DOT used continuous monitoring of bridge dynamic characteristics. A remote bridge monitoring system is based on measuring dynamic motion (using accelerometers) as well as strain and rotation (using inclinometers). A warning alarm is detected when signi cant changes in modal frequencies occur. Dynamic response data collected show up to 10 percent scatter in the modal frequency measurement. 9. Salane et al. reported dynamic tests of a bridge for detecting structural deterioration caused by girder fatigue cracks. A concrete deck on steel girders was loaded with an electrohydraulic actuator system up to 465,000 load cycles. Accelerometers were used to determine damping ratios, frequency contents, and impedance at various stages during the loading. The test results indicated increases in damping ratios with cycles of loading caused by cracking and a decrease in amplitude at resonant frequencies, as well as a 20 to 40 percent change in computed stiffness coef cients. 10. Salawu and Williams reported a study of the forced vibrations of a bridge before and after repair. The test results demonstrated small changes in natural frequency induced by the repair. 11. Woodward et al. conducted dynamic tests for a full-scale bridge subject to arti cially induced fatigue cracking (vertical cuts) in a main girder. Preliminary eld test results showed changes in dynamic characteristics due to a maximum amount of damage. It is possible to conclude from the above studies that simpler interpretations for vibration measurements have not been reported in the literature. Dynamic measurements can be used to evaluate the distribution of loading in axially loaded members such as cables and truss diagonal braces. The natural frequency of such axially loaded members is highly sensitive to the magnitude of the axial load. Further work is needed to relate dynamic properties to component deterioration.
Generating a Pointer to an Array
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