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var inStockList = items.Join(statusList, k1 => k1.ItemNumber, k2 => k2.ItemNumber, (k1, k2) => new { k1.Name, k2.InStock} );
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3. If your location is not listed, or you want even finer precision on your location, you can enter your longitude and latitude. The values are entered as positive values east of longitude 0 and negative west of longitude 0. 4. Click the Calculate button if you entered longitude and latitude values.
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Layer 7 - Application Layer 6 - Presentation Layer 5 - Session Layer 4 - Transport Layer 3 - Network Layer 2 - Data Link Layer 1 - Physical
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615 kHz Chebychev low pass (FIR) 1.23 MHz 19 20 frequencies
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