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Digital PhotographyGetting to Know Your PC QuickSteps Beyond Point-and-Shoot Photography PC QuickSteps
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Sometimes it s not cost-effective to use people s names. In some mass mailings, for example, even with a mail-merge capability, the cost of adding individual names may not be deemed an appropriate expenditure. Instead, ask yourself why you re writing to these people and how that relates to something they want or need. By honing in on why your readers might want to read your communication, it becomes easier to identify what the shared interest is. Julia, a manager of software development at a midsize computer company, explained, I was writing an E-mail to my group. I could have said Dear Team or Dear Development Group. Instead I focused on the subject matter of the E-mail, which was a query about whether we were going to be able to meet a critical deadline. Given the hours we had put in, and especially the analysts who had been working fty- and sixtyhour weeks to complete this phase of the project, I used Dear Anyone Interested in Working Fewer Hours. Not only did it help the E-mail get read, but it got a laugh. Always a good thing when you re stressed about meeting a deadline. Notice that Julia highlighted an area of shared interest to the readers: working fewer hours.
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Surplus Funds
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Inverting, we nd that the current through the capacitor is i(t) = 74 cos (100t + 0.4 ) In our next example, consider the circuit in Fig. 7-5. EXAMPLE 7-4 If i(t) = 30 cos(100t 60 ), nd the steady-state voltage across the C = 0.1 capacitor. SOLUTION The phasor transform of the input current is i(t) = 30 cos(100t 60 ) 30 60 For the C = 0.2 capacitor, with = 100 the admittance is j2. The admittance for the inductor is j0.33, the admittance for the resistor is 1/R = 4, and the admittance for the nal capacitor on the right is j1. Let us denote the voltage drop at node 1 in Fig. 7-5 by v 1 (t) and the voltage drop across the C = 0.1 capacitor as v 2 (t). Using the admittances, we can solve the circuit. Applying KCL at node 1 as labeled in Fig. 7-5, using + for currents leaving the node, we have 30 60 + j2V1 + ( j0.33)(V1 V2 ) j(1.67)V1 + j0.33V2 = 30 60 = 30 120 Now let s apply KCL to the node just above the C = 0.1 capacitor. We have jV2 + 4V2 j0.33(V2 V1 ) = 0 j0.33V1 + (4 + j0.67)V2 = 0
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Part I:
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Designing a Voice over IP Network
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ciscoasa(config)# mode multiple WARNING: This command will change the behavior of the device WARNING: This command will initiate a Reboot Proceed with change mode [confirm] <ENTER> Convert the system configuration [confirm] N Security context mode: multiple <--output omitted--> ciscoasa# show mode Security context mode: multiple
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number RunningSum(number[report_variable]; [ROW/COL]; [(reset_dimension_variables)])
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sion duplexed (TDD) transceiver with its own built-in modulator and demodulator. (Other digital transceiver systems may drop internal modulation and demodulation entirely, and begin and end with the IF. A modem would be placed at the transceiver s IF ports, which would feed the transmitter section with a modulated IF signal and demodulate the IF from the radio s receiver section.) On the transmit side, the baseband digital data is input into the DAC, which converts it into serial analog data, which is filtered and sent into the I and Q inputs of the modulator. The I/Q modulator takes the I and Q signals and mixes them in their own DBM, with one DBM fed an in-phase LO and the other a 90 degree out-of-phase signal. This action attenuates the indeterminate frequencies produced in this multiplication process. The outputs are added in a linear mixer and output as a single IF signal along with attenuated sidebands and the undesired carrier that were not fully suppressed because of phase and/or amplitude mismatching between the I and Q legs. The IF is then amplified, filtered, up-converted, and amplified again before being sent out of the antenna. (In some lower-frequency systems, the signal directly out of the modulator can be used for transmission into space, and would need to be simply filtered and amplified before being transmitted from the antenna.) On the receive side the transmit/receive switch (T/R) is switched to route the incoming signal through the initially low-insertion-loss front-end attenuator (employed to lessen very high-level input signals), into the LNA (to increase the signal power and lower the receiver s NF), through the image filter (to reduce image noise and interference), into the down-conversion stage (to heterodyne the RF to the lower IF), through the diplexer (to decrease reflectiongenerated mixer IMD), into the IF strip with AGC (to decrease/increase the signal level and supply selectivity), and into the demodulator stage (or modem), thus outputting a digital data stream. The following is another example of a good general systems design breakdown, this one of an ordinary FM transceiver. In the full duplex radio of Fig. 9.8, a duplexer is placed at the transceiver s front end to allow simultaneous TX/RX on different frequencies while employing the same antenna. This duplexer must have a high enough level
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Lens Effects and Transparency
= [ x]2 + [ f (x j ) x]2 = 1 + [ f (x j )]2
Application Publishing Bandwidth
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8 (in radians) = 0.1000
4.16.1 Ultimate Load Behavior in Reinforced Concrete Sections
By default, no permissions are allowed to propagate from root share to the child folders CentralStoreRoot and People. However, permissions assigned at the root folder are allowed to propagate to the domain folder. The CTXFILESYNCPREP tool automatically grants Full Control to the local Administrators group for both the CentralStoreRoot and People subfolders, and it removes all permissions for Authenticated Users. No other folders are created by CTXFILESYNCPREP. The Password Manager agent is responsible for creating all the subfolders inside the People folder and, on creation, sets the permissions of the folder to Modify for the Creator/Owner and enables inheritable permissions to propagate from the parent folder. All remaining folders in the central store repository are created by the Password Manager Console during use, as necessary. The console creates the CentralStoreRoot/ AdminConsole folder during discovery and, if an NT or AD Domain is used, it creates a folder in the root of the central store share. The console automatically grants the current user Modify permissions for every folder created and leaves the propagation flag for inheritance enabled. Delegation Setup Although Local and Domain Administrators are configured by the Citrix prep tools to have write access to the appropriate folders, any additional accounts need to have permissions explicitly granted to them. For the most part, granting the permissions at the appropriate level allows access to the Password Manager Administrator account. To grant permissions, follow these steps: 1. Run CTXFILESYNCPREP to create the root share and the two subfolders People and CentralStoreRoot. If the folders are already created, proceed to the next step. 2. Grant the Password Manager Administrator account Full Control of the root share folder and both the subfolders inside the shared folder (CentralStoreRoot and People). 3. Log in as a Password Manager Administrator and launch the console. This causes all subsequent folders and objects to be created with the appropriate Password Manager Administrator permissions automatically. 4. Verify the appropriate permissions are added to the AdminConsole folder. Further Delegation You may want to further delegate or control permissions by individually modifying the permissions on the appropriate folders within the file folder hierarchy. Please be aware that the access permissions do not take effect until the user logs off and logs back on again, and then relaunches the console. In addition, each time the Password Manager Administrator s permissions change, the Password Manager Administrator should rerun discovery to refresh the object cache and display only objects to which the user has access. If the Password Manager Administrator chooses not to run discovery, the access permissions are still enforced, because the Password Manager Console verifies permissions before each read or write from the console.
pulse shape to the ITU-T recommendation G.703.
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that information, many controls are required at the network level that protect systems and other network-based resources from various threats. Countermeasures are available to prevent or detect many threats.
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