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If a game is based on a licensed property of some kind Nancy Drew, for example, or Major League Baseball the terms of the license contract will require the publisher to submit a copy of the game to the licensor for their approval. They want to be sure that the publisher isn t misusing their characters, logos, or whatever it is that the license provides. They can be extremely strict about this, insisting that every color be exactly right and that the game include no inappropriate material for their license. Recently, the National Football League has begun cracking down on video games that represent football as more violent than it really is (which is extreme enough in any case!). In addition to the property licensors, the console manufacturers also have an approvals process. They have both content and quality standards, because the game is going to go out with their logo on it. In addition to performing their own technical tests, the console manufacturer will make sure the subject matter meets their guidelines, and even the package design gets close scrutiny. If a game is going to be published on more than one console, each version has to be approved by its own console manufacturer. For example, Activision s Tony Hawk s Pro Skater 4 is available for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube all at once, so Activision had to submit it to all three manufacturers, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, for their approval process in addition to sending it to Tony Hawk himself! This is not a minor moment in the development cycle of the game: If the product fails quality control, the console company (under the terms of the license the publisher signed with them) may be able to require changes or even force the publisher to kill the project.
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H 802.1ad Q-in-Q Provider bridge cloud
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In addition to Ethernet, other LAN technologies were also developed during the 1980s. Three of them Token Bus, Token Ring, and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) were notably prominent. They have even been standardized as IEEE 802.4 for Token Bus and IEEE 802.5 for Token Ring, whereas FDDI was standardized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), as the X3T9.5. The discussion of these technologies in any detail is outside the scope of this book, but briefly, all these technologies employ a special control frame called a token. Only the workstation on the LAN that possess the token (and there is only one token per LAN) can transmit. Because there is only a single token and hence only one token holder, collisions are not possible. Each of these LAN technologies was developed for different reasons and has its benefits and shortcomings. Token Bus was primarily driven by General Motors and others that were interested in factory automation and wanted a reliable, efficient, predictable, and high-throughput system at heavy loads that aligned well with their assembly lines. However, Token Bus was not particularly well suited for fiber transmission and experienced latency even at small loads. Token Ring, mainly adopted by IBM, also had similarly attractive features. In addition, it could also be deployed in a ring topology and supported arbitrarily long frames efficiently (unlike the Token Bus), but like the Token Bus, Token Ring suffered from latency (as do all token passing schemes). As more powerful workstations began to proliferate on LANs, these technologies became inadequate from the standpoint of scale, reliability, and bandwidth; FDDI
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Find out Who Is Covered!
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Fig. 4.37 Testing Belt Tension
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A producer who is in charge of, or at least working to produce, a product being developed within the same company. An internal producer can be within
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Appliance with Two Interfaces: Example 2
template is the keyword that begins a generic function definition.
Power Measurements
Left channel high Left channel low Right channel high Right channel low
Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data link Physical
There is currently only one match command supported for a layer 7 SCCP policy map: match message id. This command matches on one or a range of station message identifiers (specified in hexadecimal) in an SCCP message. The actions you can take when there is (or isn t) a match include dropping the packet and/or logging the match. In the parameters section of the policy map, the enforce-registration command requires a VoIP phone to register to CallManager before calls can be placed. The message-id max command specifies the highest SCCP station message ID allowed. The rtp-conformance command checks the RTP packets that were dynamically added to the conn table for conforming to the RTP standard. The enforce-payloadtype command enforces the payload type to be audio or video based on the signaling exchange on the signaling connection. The sccp-prefix-len command sets the minimum or maximum SCCP prefix length allowed. The timeout command sets the idle timeout for the signaling and RTP audio connections. If you don t configure a timeout, the global timeouts for idle TCP and UDP connections are used.
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