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Even though the pursuit of total content protection is an exciting exercise, realistically, it is in vain because it likely would make the disc impossible to play and would ultimately result in an unsatisfying user experience. However, many engineering hours have been and will be spent on improving content protection systems, to not only prevent digital copies but also to ensure degradation of the quality of analog copies. Otherwise, an analog copy would only be slightly degraded from the original digital source, and could very well be used as the source for creating multiple additional digital copies. Some of the AACS measures to prevent duplication are discussed later in this chapter. An additional security measure is watermarking. Watermarking can either be used for preventing playback of unauthorized copies, which requires the playback devices to recognize watermarked content, or it can help to trace back to the origin of an unauthorized copy, thus allowing for appropriate action to be taken against the perpetrator. In order for a content protection system to be effective, it requires three areas to work hand in hand technology, business, and legislation. The technology piece clearly defines the specific protection method of encryption or watermarking to prevent digital or analog copies. The business aspect is usually addressed by license agreements requiring manufacturers to only release compliant devices and for content owners to produce reasonably priced
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value. But in the right half of the graph, ton >> toff and Vm is a much larger value nearly equal to Vb for the battery voltage. If you vary ton while holding T (the total period) constant, you have the principle of pulse width modulation or PWM. (If you vary T while holding ton constant, you have frequency modulation.) For a fixed ratio, a duty cycle of Kdc might be defined (far right or the equation above). PWM, or chopper control, as it is customarily called, allows you easily to control a DC motor by electronically chopping the voltage to it. The earliest solid-state DC motor chopper controllers used SCR devices. These were technically primitive compared to today s solid-state controllers, but typically offered greater efficiency, faster response, lower maintenance, smaller size, and lower cost than the motor-generator sets or gas tube approaches they replaced. The Jones chopper circuit shown in the middle of Figure 7-1, adapted from an early GE SCR manual, is one of the simplest variations. Earlier, similar PWM circuits were also built in transformerless style using transistors. The Jones chopper is easy to look at and analyze, and its basic lessons apply to all PWM controllers. It might be viewed as: An SCR (SCR1) controlled by a commutating circuit (SCR2 and trigger circuit 2) that controls the ton/toff time and a trigger circuit (trigger circuit 1) that controls the period T or frequency. The diode D2 connected across the series DC motor s terminals usually called a free-wheeling diode performs two important functions in this and other circuits where the pulsed output is inductive. It smooths motor current Im and enables it to continue to flow when SCR1 is not conducting (top of Figure 7-1), and prevents the inductive-current-generated high-voltage spikes, which could potentially damage the transistors, from appearing across the motor when SCR1 is turned off. Diode D1 prevents the L1 C1 combination from oscillating. Other than the SCRs and diodes, the key circuit elements are the center tapped autotransformer (both windings have the same number of turns, inductance, etc.), whose inductance is simply labeled L1 in Figure 7-1, the capacitor labeled C1, and the combined series motor and external inductance labeled Lm. The frequency of the chopper is controlled by the R1 C1 combination (where R1 is the sum of the fixed and variable resistors in that branch of the circuit) in trigger circuit 1 shown at the bottom left of Figure 7-1. In this case, a unijunction transistor forms the heart of a relaxation oscillator whose period is controlled by the RC time constant such that f 51/(R1C1) where R is resistance in ohms and C is capacitance in farads. For a 2-kHz chopping frequency, you might choose C1 5 0.1 F, R1 5 1/(2 3 103 3 0.1 3 10 6) 5 5 3 103 5 5 kilohms The switching frequency in a modern controller is derived from a crystal, not an RC oscillator. Stability under varying load and environmental conditions becomes more critical as power levels increase. This rudimentary example is simply for demonstration purposes.
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Chemistry: Matter and Change 1
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You don t have to create tables in CorelDRAW to use them in CorelDRAW. You or your client may have created a table in a document or spreadsheet that you want to include in a CorelDRAW document. To import a table, choose File | Import from the menu. Use the Import dialog to navigate to the spreadsheet or word processing document. Select the document, and then click the Import button. When the Importing/Pasting Text dialog opens, choose how you want to handle importing formatted text. Your choices are Maintain Fonts And Formatting, Maintain Formatting Only, or Discard Fonts And Formatting. Then be sure to choose Tables from the Import Tables As drop-down list. If you chose to maintain fonts and you don t currently have a font installed that was used in the table, you will have to work your way through the Font Substitution For Missing Fonts dialog. See 14 for information on font substitution. Your cursor will be loaded with the table; you then click in your document to place the table. This is a live, editable, customizable table that you can use all of CorelDRAW table tools on to make it exactly the way you want. code 128 checksum
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S1. Superhelical DNA requires a force to hold the superhelix in place.
Connections: Image Formats: Video Capture Format: Video Capture Resolutions: Frames per Second: Maximum Video Length: Size: Weight: Other Features:
Following the learner s pace and developmental needs rather than pushing one s own agenda; creating an ongoing open dialogue about the effectiveness of the coaching experience; being willing to adjust direction as the situation requires; being approachable and warm rather than distant and aloof; establishing a relationship in which both learner and developer feel trusted and respected; and using the relationship and interactions to enhance the growth of both learner and developer 1 2 3 4 5
Compiled for release. This is in all versions.
Safety Precautions
Trunk and Extremities
Here is a: 5, 6, 7 Here is b: 10, 10, 10 Here is c: 0, 0, 0 a is true. b is true. c is false. Control a loop using a ThreeD object. 10, 10, 10 9, 9, 9 8, 8, 8 7, 7, 7 6, 6, 6 5, 5, 5
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Appendix A: Conducting a Professional Audit
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