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Count is the most often used property because it contains the number of elements currently held in a collection. If Count is zero, then the collection is empty. ICollection defines the following method: void CopyTo(Array array, int index) CopyTo( ) copies the contents of a collection to the array specified by array, beginning at the index specified by index. Thus, CopyTo( ) provides a pathway from a collection to a standard C# array. Because ICollection inherits IEnumerable, it also includes the sole method defined by IEnumerable: GetEnumerator( ), which is shown here: IEnumerator GetEnumerator( ) It returns the enumerator for the collection. Because ICollection implements IEnumerable, four extension methods are defined for it. They are AsParallel( ), AsQueryable( ), Cast( ), and OfType( ). AsParallel( ) is declared in System.Linq.ParallelEnumerable. AsQueryable( ) is declared in System.Linq.Queryable. Both Cast( ) and OfType( ) are declared in System.Linq.Enumerable. These methods are designed primarily to support LINQ, but may be useful in other contexts.
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Figure 29-9: The Internet IP addressing scheme You will note that in the IP packet format that the address is 32-bits long or four (4) bytes, which is represented in a dotted decimal format. Each byte is represented by a
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Table 5-1 Acceleration F orce, Fa (in pounds), for Different V alues of C i
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Practice commonGo to your teacher sense behavior and for first aid. follow guidelines for use of the tool. Make sure there is Leave foul area and good ventilation. notify your teacher Never smell fumes immediately. directly. Wear a mask. Double-check setup with teacher. Check condition of wires and apparatus. Do not attempt to fix electrical problems. Notify your teacher immediately.
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Advanced Objects
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NET 2.0 Framework (available from Microsoft s website, or the installer is located on the Citrix XenApp Platinum media under the Support folder). Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 or higher. Microsoft XML Parser 3.0. The most recent copy of the EdgeSight Agent installers (available from the Citrix website).
Part II:
2. Choose the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool, and notice that your cursor changes to
Now, clock s value will be obtained each time it is used. Although it seems strange at first thought, it is possible to use const and volatile together. For example, the following declaration is perfectly valid. It creates a const pointer to a volatile object.
1.8.11 Improving the Security of Bridges
5: Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server
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