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What is a Pap smear and how is it done A cytological examination of the cervix. A small brush scrapes cells from the endocervix and ectocervix. These cells are either spread on a microscopic slide and fixed or placed in a liquid medium for evaluation In a traditional Pap smear, a spatula or brush is used to collect cells on the ectocervix and then from the endocervix. The specimen is rolled or smeared onto a slide and rapidly fixed. A single slide can be used to examine both ectocervical and endocervical cells Liquid-based cytology involves taking cells from the ectocervix and endocervix and placing the specimens in vials containing preservative solutions. The vials are placed in a ThinPrep processor machine and ultimately, the cells are transferred to a slide. This technique results in a monolayer of cells on the slide,
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Approaches to Training
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Example: Initcap("jane doe") returns "Jane doe".
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A call to ResetAbort( ) can fail if the thread does not have the proper security setting to cancel the abort. The following program demonstrates ResetAbort( ):
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int stime(time_t *t)
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Amplifier Design
// Give nums some values. for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++) for(int j=0; j < 5; j++) nums[i,j] = (i+1)*(j+1); // Use foreach to display and sum the values. foreach(int x in nums) { Console.WriteLine("Value is: " + x); sum += x; } Console.WriteLine("Summation: " + sum); } }
To set up events that use multiple devices, follow these steps:
11.06. The CD includes a multimedia demonstration of using Configuration and Subconfiguration modes on an IOS device.
FileAccess.Read FileAccess.Write FileAccess.ReadWrite
You can also capture some wonderful images after the event ends. Photograph the athletes at the awards ceremony. If a friend or relative receives a trophy, you can present them with a wonderful keepsake of their smiling face as they hold the trophy high in the air. At an automobile race, get close to the winner s circle, and capture images of the winning driver smiling and spraying the crowd with champagne. Take photographs of the losing team as well to capture the full range of emotions, from victory to defeat.
2 introduced the if statement. It is examined in detail here. The complete form of the if statement is if(condition) statement; else statement; where the targets of the if and else are single statements. The else clause is optional. The targets of both the if and else can be blocks of statements. The general form of the if using blocks of statements is if(condition) { statement sequence } else { statement sequence } If the conditional expression is true, the target of the if will be executed; otherwise, if it exists, the target of the else will be executed. At no time will both of them be executed. The conditional expression controlling the if must produce a bool result. Here is a simple example that uses an if and else to report if a number is positive or negative:
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