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Auditing physical access controls requires attention to several key factors, including: Physical barriers This includes fencing, walls, barbed/razor wire, bollards, and crash gates. The IS auditor needs to understand how these are used to control access to the facility and determine their effectiveness. Surveillance The IS auditor needs to understand how video and human surveillance are used to control and monitor access. He or she needs to understand how (and if) video is recorded and reviewed, and if it is effective in preventing or detecting incidents. Guards and dogs The IS auditor needs to understand the use and effectiveness of security guards and guard dogs. Processes, policies, procedures, and records should be examined to understand required activities and how they are carried out. Keycard systems The IS auditor needs to understand how keycard systems are used to control access to the facility. Some points to consider include: Work zones: Whether the facility is divided into security zones and which persons are permitted to access which zones Records: Whether keycard systems record personnel movement Provisioning: What processes and procedures are used to issue keycards to employees. See the earlier section on managing user access for more details. Access reviews: Whether the organization performs reviews of access logs and user access lists Visitors: How visitors are handled in terms of building access Incidents: What procedures are in place to respond to access incidents
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where b is known as the damping coef cient, which has units of force/velocity such as lbf/(in/s) or N/(m/s). As with spring forces, the force exerted by a damper always acts to oppose the relative motion. This form of damping is often called viscous friction since it captures the effects of damping due to viscosity effects in uids quite well. For instance, given a moving plate sliding over a xed plate as in Fig. 11.19, the force exerted by the uid on the plate is F= mA d h (11.61)
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What is the estimated gestational age (EGA) Duration of the pregnancy dated from first day of the LMP. The EGA of a normal pregnancy at term is 40 weeks What is the developmental age (DA) of a pregnancy Duration of the pregnancy dated from fertilization; typically 14 days less than the EGA (such that the DA of a normal pregnancy at term is 38 weeks) The due date when the pregnancy is full term For women with a regular 28-day menstrual cycle:
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if(i<0) return -i; else return i; } double myabs(double d) { cout << "Using double myabs(): "; if(d<0.0) return -d; else return d; } long myabs(long l) { cout << "Using long myabs(): "; if(l<0) return -l; else return l; }
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Dedicated Protection Ring Unidirectional Path-Switched Ring (UPSR) Source bridging Working (inner fiber)
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Cabin Fans The most ef cient way to cool a hot cabin is with a wind chute attached to a hatch, but its use assumes a breeze and that the boat is free to swing into it. On hot, still nights, small fans directed at your body can make the difference between sleeping and not. The typical 6-inch cabin fan draws about 1 amp, but the most ef cient fans draw only 0.3 amp. In 8 hours the accumulated difference is more than 5 Ah per fan. Electronics The power consumption of a sound system depends more on the ef ciency of the speakers than that of the electronics. Therefore, look for speakers designed to be driven by computers, as they are the most ef cient. No one is willing to watch black and white television any longer, so the choice is between the older standard cathode-ray (CRT) color television and the newer, solid-state LCD versions. Wattage is roughly proportional to the area of the screen (diameter squared). From a 19-inch CRT to a 6-inch LCD there is a 65-watt, or 5-amp, difference. If you are an average 4-hour-perday boob-tube watcher, the daily difference is greater than the drain of the anchor light. An excellent way to save energy is, therefore, to install a 6-inch LCD television and sit closer! VCRs and DVD players are becoming very popular on boats. In fact, trading videotapes and DVDs is nearly as common as trading paperback books. The typical 120-volt AC record/play VCR/DVD machine draws about 17 watts. Portable 12-volt DC play-only models draw 10 watts.
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Business Realization
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The aging of the drop install has been a problem for many cable operators. The improvement in the design of the F -type connector has undergone several major changes. The latest type, as mentioned in 1, is of high quality and with proper installation should last a lot longer than the rst-generation connectors. Often, if subscribers have not complained of drop problems or no service calls have been performed, the original installation will be in operation even to this day. Systems expanding subscriber services by activating the upstream signal path quickly discovered serious noise and interference problems, which is one of the main contributors in the subscriber drop. Many subscribers move the outlet from room to room, adding more cable and connectors to the internal system. The quality of components as well as the subscriber s work is usually substandard and contributes to return system noise. For many systems, the upstream frequency band is 5 to 40 MHz and is referred to as the subsplit return band. Noise generated in the subscriber drops is coupled into the upstream reverse ampli er cascade. Noise and interference is coupled at feeder-splitting points back into the bridging ampli er reverse module. Combining again takes place at trunk-splitting points and is transmitted through the return ampli ers to the headend. An example is described in Figure 6-1. Since the early days, drop cable has undergone many improvements. Probably the most signi cant improvement has been in the increased shielding effectiveness. Present-day high-quality drop cable has an aluminum foil wrapping the polyethylene foam dielectric and is covered with two woven aluminum braids, followed by the polyethylene jacket. This type of cable gives a 90-percent shielding that amounts to over 100 dB of isolation. Essentially, this type of cable has three shields and is often called tri-shielded cable. Systems that experience signi cant noise buildup will have to budget a work project to prepare the return band for upstream signal transmission. A measurement of noise in the upstream band should be made at the headend at points arriving from each trunk branch. Once a particularly noisy branch is identi ed, testing back along
27.4.2 Analysis and acquisition system
276 TABLE 9.6
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ACL Types and Numbers
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