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The importance of the subscriber interconnection to the cable system is stressed in this chapter. Without a proper connection, communication and services between the subscriber and the system will be compromised. Cable operators are becoming very aware of the importance of the subscriber drop in providing quality of service (QOS) to the consumer. This, in part, has been learned from the telephone companies, which regarded QOS of extreme importance for many years. Only during extreme disastrous weather conditions or highway accidents did an interruption of telephone service occur. Most cable operators are aware of the importance service quality has in obtaining and keeping subscribers connected. The service drop in comparison to the rest of the cable plant is very fragile. Metallic corrosion, ice, moisture, and the forces of wind over time affect the quality of the drop and hence subscriber service. Cable operators should examine the subscriber drop and measure and record signal levels every time a technician calls at a subscriber s home for whatever reason. Proper grounding and bonding procedures are very important to protect the drop from power and lightning problems. The set-top terminal is the device that the subscriber uses to interact with the cable system. All requests for service and the service signals pass through this device. The complexity of this device varies from system to system. Even after a number of years, many systems are still using standard selectable set-top converters. Modern systems that have upgraded to high-speed digital bidirectional systems use sophisticated set-top devices that contain memory for storing ordered programs to be viewed at the subscriber s discretion. Also, the set-top device performs the decoding or descrambling function, which is an integral portion of signal security. Signal-security methods vary from the very fundamental pro-
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PPP has three main components:
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Although the new features in XenApp are critical, many of the features that Citrix included in the 4.0 release in 2006 remain critical to the success of an Application Delivery Center. As a review, here are some of the feature enhancements that remain core to the solution today (see the previous version of this book, Citrix Access Suite 4.0 for Windows Server 2003: The Official Guide, for more details on Citrix s product history).
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Examples: IsString([Country]) returns true (1). IsString("Hello") returns true (1). IsString(LastExecutionDate()) returns false (0).
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8. LT bank debt 3 remains as 50. There are no more Surplus funds for the cash sweep. 9. At the end of this exercise, we connect the following numbers back up to the balance sheet: a. Any remaining Surplus funds number in our calculation block is referenced into the Surplus funds line on the balance sheet. b. Each cash sweep is referenced back to the corresponding bank debt. The bank debts shown in the balance sheet now show the reduced totals after the automatic repayments. c. Any NTF number is referred into the NTF line on the balance sheet. You may be feeling quite confused now, so let s look at a simple model to see what everything would look like on the screen. The numbers are more fully fleshed out, so they are different from the simple numbers we used above. The full layout is shown below and is somewhat similar to the illustrations you have seen earlier regarding balancing the balance sheet. However, you will see that this has additional formulas for the cash sweep calculations. The inputs are also simplified as direct inputs. The intent of this illustration is to allow you to use test numbers to see the cash sweep calculations. The gray areas shown in the model are the input cells. On the screen, these cells are marked in light yellow. But they come out as gray in a black-and-white printout.
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Progressive Collapse of Piers
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Recommended Deck Reconstruction Summary
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FIGURE 12.22. Coupled system of a four DOF closed-track cam-follower and exible driveshaft.
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Figure 3-1
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