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Method public int CompareTo(bool value) Meaning Compares the value of the invoking object with that of value. Returns zero if the values are equal. Returns a negative value if the invoking object is false and value is true. Returns a positive value if the invoking object is true and value is false. Compares the value of the invoking object with that of obj. Returns zero if the values are equal. Returns a negative value if the invoking object is false and obj is true. Returns a positive value if the invoking object is true and obj is false. Returns true if the value of the invoking object equals the value of obj. Returns true if the value of the invoking object equals the value of obj. Returns the hash code for the invoking object. Returns the TypeCode enumeration value for Boolean, which is TypeCode.Boolean. Returns the bool equivalent of the string in value. If the string is neither Boolean.TrueString nor Boolean.FalseString, a FormatException is thrown. However, case differences are ignored. Returns the string representation of the value of the invoking object, which will be either TrueString or FalseString. Returns the string representation of the value of the invoking object, which will be either TrueString or FalseString. The provider parameter is ignored. Attempts to convert the string in value into its bool equivalent. If successful, the value is stored in result and true is returned. If the string is neither Boolean.TrueString nor Boolean.FalseString, false is returned. (Case differences are ignored.) This differs from Parse( ), which throws an exception on failure.
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In Situ Melanoma (Trunk and Extremities)
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To determine the specific privacy concerns implicated by biometrics, we must first focus on what exactly is disclosed when biometric data is collected. Regardless of whether an individual voluntarily provides a biometric identifier or is forced to surrender it as part of state action or government-required scheme, he is giving up information about himself. When biometrics, like fingerprinting, iris recognition, or retinal scanning is used, he discloses robust and distinctive information about his identity. When other biometrics, such as hand or finger geometry, are used, at a minimum, he discloses accurate information about who he is. Depending on the biometric, he is giving information about himself that could be used to identify him over large-scale databases.
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that is broadened or even split into two. The PMD of a simple component is simply the DGD, usually expressed in picoseconds. In a long fiber or in a concatenation of many fiber components, the pulse-broadening phenomenon is more complicated. In this case, both the DGD and PSPs depend on the optical wavelength. Moreover, the slow drift in birefringences of different sections of the fiber cause both the DGD and PSPs to vary over time, even when measured at a constant center wavelength. For this reason, the PMD of a long fiber, or of a network incorporating long lengths of fiber, is specified as a statistical quantity. Both the mean DGD and the RMS DGD, i.e., the square root of the mean squared DGD, are used to characterize the statistical distribution of DGD; in this context, both quantities currently are used to define PMD. Using either definition, fiber PMD is found to increase proportionally to the square root of the fiber s length, so PMD is specified in ps/ km. The PSPs are assumed to vary uniformly over all states of polarization. Pulse distortion and broadening are different for a long fiber versus for a simple birefringent component. After transmission through a long fiber, pulses much shorter than the mean or RMS DGD are broken up into a distribution of pulses with an envelope that is roughly Gaussian. As shown in Figure 28.20, broader input pulses result in coarser variation of the output amplitude. When the input pulse width is greater
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Access Control
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7.4 Integrals of Trigonometric Expressions ......................................................................................................................................
for pi p pi+1 and i = 1, . . . , n - 1, with further de nitions: p1 = 0, pi +1 = pi + Dpi
Apply ICC Profile This option is available only when printing to a color printer; it lets you print using a color profile. An ICC (International Color Consortium) profile contains specific color data used to reproduce colors more faithfully as compared with your monitor view of the document. ICC profiles are all about color space: for example, sRGB (Stokes RGB, also somewhat derisively called Small RGB) is a profile used to conform to Internet standards that Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard also support big-time. If you wanted to print an image you downloaded from the Web in JPEG file format, the chances are good it was created using the sRGB color profile. Therefore, to print it as closely as possible to how you see it on your monitor, you d use the sRGB color profile. The Apply ICC Profile option enables Corel s Color Manager while printing. Be aware that you should use only one color management system during the printing process. If your printer uses its own color management system, you should disable this feature two color management systems operating at the same time is equivalent to two wheels on your car traveling in their own directions you get nowhere. Objects in your document that are filled with process color (any color you chose from the Palettes tab in Uniform fill, and CMYK-based colors) do not use color management, and no color corrections are performed on them while printing because their color composition is fixed to a specific printing color space. If your printer is a color printer and separations are not selected, the profile displayed in this field is the profile selected in Corel s Color Manager Composite profile. To open the Color Manager, choose Tools | Color Management before you choose to print a document.
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how to use the application. In other cases, customers will not be using the application directly, but a new application can still influence how they interact with the organization. If customer service or sales personnel are using a new application for taking orders or looking up customer data, they may be asking different questions or presenting different information to the customer. Support staff Personnel who provide customer service to users and customers need to be trained on the workings of the application, as well as on administrative back office tools that they may use to assist users. Trainers Organizations that employ a training organization will need to train the trainers so that, in turn, they will be able to train users and customers correctly. The purpose of an application may require that others also receive training. This could include internal or external auditors, or regulators who have oversight over the organization. Data Migration In the context of the SDLC, the purpose of a data migration is to transfer data from an older, soon-to-be-retired system to a new system. Depending upon the nature of the old and new applications, the purpose of the data migration might be to make historical records that originated in the older system available in the newer system. In some cases, an organization will continue to keep the older application running, to facilitate access to historical data. In some circumstances, it may require fewer resources to keep the old application running than to migrate the historical data to the new application. Data migration often requires the development of programs that extract data from the old application, perform required transformations, and then format the data and import it into the new application. This is frequently a complex task, as there may be differences so significant between the data models of the old and new applications that the meaning of stored data differs between them. In some cases it will be necessary to create some parts of the database in the new application by extracting data from the old application and then performing calculations to create the data necessary in the new. Careful analysis must be done in all cases to make sure that the meaning of data in each application is known, so that the migration will be done properly. Some techniques and considerations that ensure a successful migration: Record counts Programs or utilities should be used to count the number of records in counterpart tables in the old and new environments. This will confirm the completeness of the migration programs that move data from the old environment to the new one. Batch totals Data records with numeric values can be added together in the old and new databases. This will help to confirm the integrity of key data elements in the old and new environments. Checksums Programs that compute checksums can be run against old and new databases to ensure the accuracy of migrated data. Programmers do need to be aware of the methods used to store data, which could lead to differences
Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)
out. Drag the Exposure slider until the colors begin to disappear. Don t reduce the exposure by more than 0.75; the end results won t look natural.
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