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Electrical storms can be quite frightening when you re in one, but they can be quite beautiful when viewed from a distance and you can see lightning pop out of the billowing thunderheads. If you re patient and far enough away from the storm to be out of harm s way, you may be able to capture some fantastic images. Switch your camera to continuous shooting mode, and compose the scene. When you see the far-off lightning start to pop, hold the shutter button,
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ICollection<T> defines the following methods. Notice it defines a few more methods than does its non-generic counterpart.
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NOTE To elect a master and to share load information, the cluster members need to communicate with each other. Cisco uses a proprietary protocol called the Virtual Cluster Agent (VCA) that uses UDP and connects to port 9023 by default. This protocol is also used as a keepalive mechanism to discover new and dead members. The master will then redirect the connecting client to the physical IP address of the cluster member with the least load. Physical addresses are IP addresses assigned to the cluster members on their external interfaces; in Figure 17-3, the physical addresses are,, or Note that during the redirection process, if the master has the least load, the redirection will take place to the master s physical IP address. Because the redirection process in Phase 1 is proprietary to Cisco, only Cisco clients will understand it. TIP For unsupported clients like Microsoft L2TP/IPSec or IPSec L2L peers, point them to a physical IP address of one of the members not the virtual address of the cluster. By using this approach, you can take advantage of the features of clustering for Cisco IPSec remote access and AnyConnect clients while still being able to support other devices. One of the main advantages of clustering is load balancing, as I previously mentioned; however, clustering does have other advantages. Since the cluster is represented by a single IP address, the clients only need to know the virtual address to establish a tunnel to the corporate site. And assuming that you are using DPD, which allows clients to discover dead servers, a client can reconnect to the master and redirect the client to an active cluster member with the least load.
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Sending Your Existing Data to the Cloud
so that X10 functionality can be included. Start Code differs somewhat from the Unit Code in that it is a code that will be used in conjunction with your X10 devices Unit Codes. We ll talk about that in more depth later.
As explained, there are two general categories of programs that C++ Builder can create: console applications and Windows applications. Here you will learn to create, compile, and run console applications. (A Windows application is developed later in this chapter.) Throughout this book, the code examples have been console applications. A console application does not use the Windows graphical user interface. Instead, a console application runs in a DOS session. Prior to the creation of Windows several years ago, all applications were console programs. Today, most commercial programs are Windows applications. However, console applications are still widely used for three main reasons. First, they make excellent teaching examples. As you may know, a Windows program contains a large amount of code that handles the interface to Windows. Such a program could not be used to demonstrate the essentials of a programming language. Second, many utility programs, such as file filters, are still coded as console applications because they do not benefit from a GUI environment. Finally, sometimes a console program is
4. The tool displays a list of folders in the repository. To see just the full-client documents, check the box Show Reports Not Yet Converted. Folders that contain full-client documents appear in bold, with a count of the number of .rep files.
5: Hardware and Infrastructure In this chapter we roll up our sleeves and take a
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