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Replacement of deck joint nosing Concrete pile jacketing. Corrosion of steel can be slowed down by supplying a small electrical current to the reinforcing steel. The anode corrodes to galvanically protect the reinforcing steel. Anodes are installed in chloride-contaminated or carbonated concrete surrounding a patch repair or along a joint between new and existing concrete (Figure 9.4a). Embedded galvanic anodes are installed in a grid pattern by burying them within concrete. Anodes are installed in areas of the concrete where there is a high likelihood of corrosion occurring or recurring (Figure 9.4b). When mortar is placed around the anode, it begins to sacri cially protect the adjacent reinforcement. All deteriorated concrete should be removed from around and behind the reinforcing steel inside the repair area (Figure 9.5a). Prior to installation, electrical continuity of the reinforcing bar within the repair area should be con rmed with the use of a DC ohm meter (Figure 9.6b). Anodes are used in sound chloride-contaminated or carbonated concrete to prevent the onset of delamination or spalling of the concrete (Figure 9.4c). Embedded galvanic anodes reduce the corrosion activity of the reinforcing steel in the vicinity of the installed anode.
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s you work with standard reports, you can format different report components to make your report easier to read and to better enable you to identify patterns and exceptions. Many of the formatting options in Web Intelligence are similar to those in Microsoft Office products. In 18, you were introduced to the components of a report. As you format a report, be sure to recognize to which component you are applying the formatting. In 19, you learned how to change basic block styles: table, chart, and crosstab. In this chapter, you will use some of the advanced formatting options to enhance the table, chart, or crosstab. You can apply a number of formatting options using the HTML Interactive Viewer. Use the Java Report panel for initial report design and formatting of large documents. This chapter first introduces you to routine formatting options using the HTML Interactive Viewer and then uses the Java Report panel for more advanced capabilities.
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Basically you can use two methods to upgrade the OS and ASDM images on your appliance when using failover: manual from the CLI or ASDM, or using the Auto Update Server (AUS), which is a component of Cisco Security Manager (CSM); CSM is the replacement of Cisco Works for Cisco security devices. When you have appliances paired in a failover configuration and want to manually upgrade either the OS or ASDM, you must upgrade both units individually. (I discuss upgrading the appliances from the CLI in 26.) There is no synchronization of the OS or ASDM images between the appliances only their configurations. Assuming you ve upgraded the OS on both units, you ll need to manually reboot them, one at a time, to use the new OS version. Unlike with a manual upgrade, you can define an upgrade policy on the AUS server and have the primary appliance in the failover pair periodically contact the AUS to see if an upgrade is available. This is called the auto update feature, which I discuss how to configure in 26. If an upgrade is available, the primary appliance is responsible for downloading and installing the update on itself as well as copying the image or images to the secondary unit. Once the image or images have been copied to the secondary appliance, the secondary will automatically reboot itself; after the secondary boots up, the primary appliance will reboot.
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Click Install Certificate. The Certificate Import Wizard starts. Click Next. Choose the Place All Certificates in the Following Store option and then click Browse. On the Select Certificate Store screen, select Show Physical Stores. Expand the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store and then select Local Computer. Click OK. Click Next and then click Finish. The root certificate is installed in the store you selected.
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SQL was designed as a language for database definition, manipulation, and control. Table 4.2 shows a quick summary of important SQL statements. Only database administra tors use most of the database definition and database control statements. You have already seen the CREATE TABLE statement in 3. This chapter and 9 cover the database manipulation statements. Power users and analysts use the database manipulation statements. 10 covers the CREATE VIEW statement. The CREATE VIEW state ment can be used by either database administrators or analysts. 11 covers the CREATE TRIGGER statement used by both database administrators and analysts. 14 covers the GRANT, REVOKE, and CREATE ASSERTION statements used primarily by database administrators. The transaction control statements (COMMIT and ROLLBACK) presented in 15 are used by analysts. SQL can be used in two contexts: stand-alone and embedded. In the stand-alone context, the user submits SQL statements with the use of a specialized editor. The editor alerts the user to syntax errors and sends the statements to the DBMS. The presentation in this chapter assumes stand-alone usage. In the embedded context, an executing program submits SQL statements, and the DBMS sends results back to the program. The program includes
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Figure 12.7 In this figure, illustrating cell VPI/VCI verification for PVCs, a test set transmits ATM cells with VPI=1 and VCI=73 into Switch No. 1, port A1. Switch No. 1 checks its lookup table, which indicates that the cell headers should be changed to VPI=3, VCI=81 and sent out port X1. The test set at the far end confirms that the outgoing cells of Switch No. 2 have VPI=4 and VCI=90.
plate width between stiffeners plate width; also, effective width of concrete slab polar coordinates polar second moment of area Poisson s ratio pressure radii of curvature of the middle surface of a plate in xz and yz planes, respectively radius of gyration rectangular coordinates second moment of area section modulus; also, stress in cyclic loading shear force shear force shearing forces parallel to axis per unit length of sections of a plate perpendicular to x and y axes, respectively shearing force parallel to z axis per unit length of section of a plate perpendicular to n direction shear stress speci ed compression strength of concrete strain energy stress temperature, torque a term used in required percentage of steel expression for exural members thickness of concrete slab thickness of ange thickness of web thickness of a plate or a shell torsional constant torsional moment; also, tensile force in composite beam; also, proof load of bolts; also membrane torsion transformed moment of inertia of cracked concrete section twisting moment per unit length of section of a plate perpendicular to x axis ultimate moment unit weight of concrete unsupported length of a compression member volume weight, load weight per unit volume width of bottom ange yield stress (yield point or yield strength, whichever is applicable)
QoS As discussed in the previous section, service flows associate a set of QoS parameters with each connection, which in turn are used to provide transport service to the higher layer protocol. The discussion of some of these parameters in this section will shed some light on the type of QoS that developers of the standard intended WiMAX networks to deliver. The standard however does not mandate the implementation of a specific QoS algorithm and leaves it up to vendors.
11. Coupons: A small sample of existing steel may be taken from a redundant location and tested for strength, depending on the available as-built plan and data.
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