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STEP 1: Cut cable end even and strip outer jacket back 5/16" 5/16"
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Figure 10-22 shows one of Paul Little s EV Porsche s having a WarP motor in the vehicle prior to fastening it in place. This circuit breaker has two inputs and two outputs. Other EV converters prefer to mount this circuit breaker within reach of the driver. The trade-off is you have to pull heavy AWG 2/0 power cables behind the dash or some other location inside the driving compartment. The benefit is the peace of mind afforded by knowing that if everything goes haywire (contactor and relay contacts weld shut, etc.), there is one switch you can reach over and touch to shut everything down. The high-current safety fuse, ammeter shunt(s), and main contactor are all located inside the junction box that will be discussed in a moment. Jim chose to implement a safety interlock on the low-voltage rather than the high-current side. Those who insist on a dashboard-mounted high-current safety or kill switch (usually with a big red knob on it) have to endure the pain of pulling AWG 2/0 cable over, under, around, and through the rear of the dashboard not my idea of a good time. By the way, the AWG 2/0 being discussed here is stranded (solid wire would be nearly impossible to work with in this size), insulated copper (never aluminum) wire and it s about inch in diameter so you have your hands full. The high-current system has a floating ground. This means that the negative terminal of the battery pack is not connected to the frame or body at any point it floats instead. This eliminates the possibility of an accidentally dropped tool arc welding itself to the body or chassis or, worse yet, causing your vehicle to bolt forward or backward while simultaneously causing battery pack meltdown. It also eliminates the possibility of your receiving a 120-volt electrical shock while casually leaning over the fender to measure battery voltage.
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Figure A 5.
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Suppose that f (x) is a function on the interval [a, b]. Let us see how to calculate the length of the curve consisting of the graph of f over this interval (Figure 8.28). We partition the interval: a = x0 x1 x2 xk 1 xk = b. Look at Figure 8.29. Corresponding to each pair of points x j 1 , x j in the partition is a segment connecting two points on the curve; the segment has endpoints (x j 1 , f (x j 1 )) and (x j , f (x j )). The length j of this segment is given by the usual planar distance formula: = [x j x j 1 ]2 + [ f (x j ) f (x j 1 )]2
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sealed class A { // ... }
Related Functions
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Table 4-2 Losses for an Optical Cable System a
Most Basic Stamp units come in 24-pin, dual-inline packages (see Figure 12-3). They can be plugged into a prototyping board, and a 9-volt battery is all that is needed to supply power to the unit. With some wire and a few resistors and capacitors, you can be up and running with your first Basic Stamp application.
Color Map, From navy blue To light yellow
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NOTE Although breaks make the data appear as if they are in separate mini-tables, in the strict
Switching Functions
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11.12.6 FRP-Retro tted Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints
Uses multicast addresses to disseminate routing information Offers load balancing across six paths to a destination (equal or unequal metrics) Supports an intelligent and complex metric structure
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