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mouse; a user places their hand a few inches above the reader so that it may read the palm vein patterns. Voice recognition Voice recognition is designed to recognize the specific patterns in the sound of spoken words. One advantage of voice recognition is that it usually does not require additional computer hardware, since most workstations have microphones built in to them. Some disadvantages of voice recognition include voice changes during head and chest colds or when angry, sad, or nervous. Iris scan The human iris (the muscle surrounding the pupil of the eye) is similar to the human fingerprint in that they are unique among the population. A biometric iris scanner takes a high-resolution image of the human iris. This is similar to retina scanners, which required the subject to place their eye very close to a camera lens, something that many persons found discomforting. Facial scan Facial scanning involves fine measurements of the angular dimensions of the human face. This means that computer imaging software will measure the relative distances between key features on a human face. Facial scanning, like voice recognition, can utilize built-in computer hardware (in this case a camera) and requires only additional software. Some models of laptop computers utilize facial recognition for user authentication. Handwriting Two main forms of handwriting recognition are available both involve the use of a subject signing his or her name. One technology measures the dynamics of the signature as it is written on the signing surface. The other technology measures the acceleration of the pen or stylus while the subject signs their name.
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They forward traffic intelligently, drawing on information they have in their
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Here, type declares the element type of the array. The element type determines the data type of each element that comprises the array. Notice the square brackets that follow type. They indicate that a one-dimensional array is being declared. The number of elements that the array will hold is determined by size.
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AC Basics
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public override string ToString() { return "An object of type MyClass"; }
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A 36-year-old man was concerned about this darkening lesion on his right arm. 1. Clinically and dermoscopically, the blue and brown areas represent cutaneous metastatic melanoma. 2. This is the classic starburst global pattern of a Spitz nevus. 3. There are irregular streaks at the periphery. 4. There are regular streaks at the periphery. 5. The majority of the lesion is filled with a regular black blotch.
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There are many ways in which the frameworks discuss controls: Internal control The aggregate system that is put into place in an organization to provide management with reasonable assurance that objectives are met. It refers to the many control activities in place to meet control and, ultimately business, objectives. Control objectives Control objectives ensure that business objectives are achieved and that undesirable events are prevented or detected and corrected. Control activities/controls These are the specific policies, procedures, and activities in place to meet the control objectives. Controls may be put into place to help prevent or detect and correct undesired events in the organization.
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Largest factor: 50 Smallest factor: 2
Sales crediting: What is the definition of a sales credit for sales compensation purposes Who gets direct credit for a sale How is sales credit split When can double sales credit be awarded What happens if orders are changed or cancelled How is customer late payment treated How is customer nonpayment treated What accounting system report provides the official point of recognition for sales credit How are sales credit petition adjustments submitted Who has final approval on sales credit changes and adjustments Program timing: When are territories assigned When is quota allocation done When are program changes announced When do they take effect When are exceptions and adjustments considered When is the cutoff date and/or time for performance period crediting When will checks be issued When will approved adjustments be reflected in the incentive payment Program interpretations, exceptions, and adjustments: Who is responsible for program interpretations What exceptions will be considered Which types of exceptions will not be considered What form do adjustments take Benefit program treatment: Which, if any, benefit programs for sales personnel differ from other company employees How are the following calculated: vacation pay, holiday pay, life insurance values, retirement contributions, 401K contributions and company matching portions, flexible benefit deductions, and stock purchase programs Sales expenses: Which sales expenses are reimbursed How do sales personnel submit expenses When are expenses reimbursed What documentation is needed How is use of personal automobiles treated What financial obligation does the salesperson carry for use of a company car What does the company provide, for example, mobile phone, wireless e-mail, personal digital assistant (PDA), pager, laptop, high-speed access away from the office Employment status: How is the sales compensation program affected by new hire status, promotions, temporary assignments, transfers, terminations, sickness, death, and retirement How is pay affected by time devoted to local sales meetings, training programs, and national sales conferences Governance: Who has final program authority for the sales compensation program Who needs to approve changes, amendments, and exceptions to the program
Part I:
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IGDA Curriculum Framework
From Hardware to Software
11.13. The CD includes a multimedia demonstration of configuring and manipulating configuration files on an IOS device.
The following tips will help you in preparing video assets j The display frame rate for high definition video can be 23.796, 24, 25, 29.97, 50, and 59.94 fps. 25 and 50 fps video are only required in 50 hz video countries (mainly the countries where PAL was the SD standard). True 30 and 60 fps are not allowed. j If utilizing secondary video (for PIP), the frame rate of the PIP video needs to match that of the primary video you cannot have 29.97 video, which may have been previously used on DVD, as the PIP video on top of 24p primary video! j BD supports different frame rates and frame sizes. Mixing and matching at the end of a project will create results that are noticeable on HD monitors. Plan ahead in production and in post-video production so that you have a good looking master for the BD compression. j Ensure that the encoder can produce BD-compliant streams, with proper GOP size, display rates, peak bitrates, and so on. Also look for an encoder that can do segment-based re-encoding, which enables you to re-encode small segments, as
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