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//----------------------------------------------------------#include <iostream> #pragma hdrstop using namespace std; //----------------------------------------------------------void sqr_it(int n); #pragma argsused int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { int i; char ch[1]; //Use in cin to stop console app in window for(i=0; i<10; i++) { cout << i << " "; sqr_it(i); } cin.getline(ch,1); //Pauses window until Enter is pressed return 0; } //----------------------------------------------------------void sqr_it(int n) { cout << n*n << " "; }
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I want to inform employees about the date of the summer picnic. Why do I care if they re informed Because . . . I want employees to RSVP regarding the summer picnic by the fteenth of the month.
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Like X.25 networks, frame relay networks also use connection-oriented, packetswitching technology that is designed to maximize efficiency by sharing wide area transmission facilities. Unlike X.25, frame relay provides no error checking or endto-end guarantee of error-free transmission. Eliminating the store-and-forward switching technology necessary to provide error-free service allows frame relay networks to operate at higher data rates, up to T1 (1.544 Mbps) or E1 (2.048 Mbps). Figure 14.15 depicts transparent user access to the frame relay cloud using frame relay access devices (FRADs).
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NOTE If the phone is connected to a lower-level interface than CallManager, you ll need an ACL entry to allow the TFTP connection (and enable protocol inspection or TFTP). Also, if a DHCP server doesn t reside in the VLAN the phone resides in, and the appliance is not a DHCP server, you ll need to configure a DHCP relay function on the appliance to forward the DHCP request to a DHCP server on a different segment (discussed in 26). When setting up the first connection (which uses TCP) to the CallManager server, the client device will choose a port number greater than 1023 that is not currently being used. The destination port number is the well-known port 2000. This connection is a signaling connection and is used by the client to send signaling information, like a call setup or teardown request of phone connections. Across this signaling connection, the client will indicate which UDP port it will use to handle the processing of voice packets (phone connections). Once the signaling connection is established and the IP Phone registers its phone number and IP address, the phone can make phone calls. When making a phone call, the client will use the signaling connection to signal the CallManager server of the call setup request to a destination phone. Like SIP, RTP is used to establish the phone session to a remote phone: one UDP connection is for the audio, and the second one for synchronization of the audio (RTP is discussed in the next chapter). The source phone will select two unused UDP port numbers (greater than 1023) for these two connections. The CallManager will then contact the destination party, acquire the destination UDP port numbers for the connections (greater than 1023) from the destination, along with the destination IP address, and then notify the source phone of the connection information so that the source can now complete the phone connection to the destination.
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You use twisted-pair cabling every day, but the name might not pop out and bonk you on the head. The general category twisted-pair is used for both telephone and computer networks. It is simply pairs of wires twisted together and encased in an insulating sheath. Twisted-pair cable is used for a number of Smart Home functions. The cabling is usually 22 or 24 gauge, depending on the function. It is used for
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the government has a rational basis for requiring fingerprinting. In the federal context, the so-called rational basis test means that Congress must show that the fingerprinting requirement bears a rational relationship to a legitimate government objective or interest.13 The rational basis test is a significantly lesser standard of judicial scrutiny than the compelling state interest test. Courts apply the compelling state interest test when state action affects the exercise of a fundamental right, such as political speech. The courts have upheld government-mandated fingerprinting for employment and licensing purposes in connection with the taking of fingerprints for spouses of liquor licensees, male employees of alcoholic beverage wholesalers, taxi drivers, cabaret employees, bartenders, dealers in secondhand articles, all employees of member firms of national security exchanges registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and all individuals permitted unescorted access to nuclear power facilities. Federal statutes requiring fingerprinting have been challenged in the courts. In Utility Workers Union of America v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a union representing some 5,170 utility workers in nuclear power plants challenged as unconstitutional that part of a newly enacted federal statute requiring that those workers be fingerprinted. The union claimed the fingerprinting requirement violated the workers Fourth Amendment and privacy rights. The federal district court disagreed and upheld the fingerprinting requirement. Citing a long line of cases, the court noted that in non-criminal contexts, the judiciary has regularly upheld fingerprinting of employees. As for the constitutional right to privacy claim, the court quoted from a leading federal appellate court case: Whatever the outer limits of the right to privacy, clearly it cannot be extended to apply to a procedure the Supreme Court regards as only minimally intrusive. Enhanced protection has been held to apply only to such fundamental decisions as contraception and family living arrangements. Fingerprints have not been held to merit the same level of constitutional concern.14 Moreover, in applying the rational basis test, the court noted Congressional concern over an incident of sabotage at a nuclear power plant in Virginia and concluded that using fingerprints to verify the identity and any existing crimi-
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Maximum Video Length: Size: Weight: Other Features:
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This limit is easy to evaluate: it equals 65/3 . We conclude that the integral is convergent and
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paths are called feasible successors. The advertised distance is a neighbor s metric to reach a destination, while the feasible distance is your router s metric to reach the same destination. There are five EIGRP messages: hello, update, query, reply, and acknowledgment. Enabling EIGRP is simple: you must specify an AS number with the router command and you enter connected network numbers with the network command. The show ip eigrp neighbors command displays adjacent neighbors and issues with building an adjacency with other EIGRP routers. The show ip eigrp topology command shows the topology table the DUAL algorithm uses to build the routing table. EIGRP routes show up as D in the IP routing table.
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