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This chapter focuses on the following topics: Information security management Logical access controls Network security Environmental security Physical security The topics in this chapter represent 31 percent of the CISA examination.
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Designating a Supervisor for a Group
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According to FHWA, there are over 93,000 weight-restricted bridges in the U.S. There are over 19,000 steel trusses which are well suited to lightweight rehabilitation. Existing truss bridges can be made lighter by replacing a heavy concrete deck and numerous asphalt overlays with a lightweight FRP deck. In addition, painting the steel members would increase the life of bridges. As reported the 140 ft span Warren truss bridge carrying New York State s Route 367 over Bentley Creek in Chemung County built in 1940 found new life in 1999 after the installation of a 13 in thick, E-glass reinforced vinyl ester resin deck weighing only 32 psf. This reduced the dead load by 80 percent and almost doubled the live load carrying capacity of the bridge: HS12 to HS23 to a level higher than the original design. A 14-ton weight restriction was able to be removed and the bridge reopened to all legal loads. The deck itself rates much higher than the bridge. It meets L/800 de ection requirement with an inventory load rating of HS85 (154 tons). Load tests indicate that the actual capacity of the deck is even greater than these analytical ratings. Many innovations were developed: 1. A haunch for each oor beam was uniquely precast to support the deck. This placed the deck at the proper elevation, provided a new load path directly from the deck to the oor beams, raised it above the obsolete steel stringers, and delivered a 2 percent cross slope. 2. The deck was replaced using six discrete deck panels. The modular construction simpli ed installation and reduced eld time. 3. A eld splice system was designed to transfer shear and moment between panels. The joints devised rely on FRP cover plates and structural adhesives. The watertight deck protects the steel oor system from the weather.
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Is cranberry juice an effective home remedy for preventing UTIs
Now, back to the wave division-multiplexing concept. There is no mistake that the demands and needs for telecommunications services are growing. The combination of voice, data, and multimedia applications that are constantly putting pressure on the infrastructure add to the growing problem. Where normal digital transmission systems use Time Division Multiplex ing (TDM) and cable TV analog technologies use Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM), Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) is a combination of the two schemes combined. The use of TDM in a multiplexer breaks the bandwidth down to specific timeslots such as those found in SONET based networks. However, by using the combination of Frequency (different wavelengths) and Time (timeslots), the fiber can be used to carry orders of magnitude more than traditional fiber-based systems. Figure 28-6 shows the combination of the two multiplexing arrangements in a single format. Furthermore, there are several different wavelengths and colors of light that can be used to produce far more capacity.
This policy is only applicable if you allow users CIFS file share access.
Before going any farther on this problem, stop and look at the cos150 . Take cosl50' on your hand calculator and you will see - 0.87 displayed. This is most reasonable. The length, I, is greater than 6 or 8 and, just ti-om looking at the sketch, close to 14, the sum of 6 and 8. With a negative number for the cos 150' , the Law of Cosines looks as though it is going to produce a reasonable number. Now proceed with the calculation. 36+64-(2)(6)(8)(-0.87) = Z 2
Find the polar coordinates for the point (3,4).
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Choosing Specialized Layouts
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