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parameter is globally unique if it begins with the magic cookie. The chances of a system that complies only with RFC 2543 selecting a branch parameter that begins with the magic cookie are miniscule. The branch parameter is unique for every request issued by a client, with the exception of CANCEL and ACK for non-2XX responses. The branch parameter for a CANCEL or ACK for a non-2XX response should be the same as the branch parameters for the original request (the request being cancelled, or the request for which the non-2XX response was received). Proxy State A proxy can be either stateless or stateful. If stateless, then the proxy takes an incoming request, performs whatever translation is necessary, forwards the corresponding outgoing request, and forgets that anything ever happened. If a message is retransmitted through a stateless proxy, then it must be forwarded in exactly the same manner as the original request. This action requires that the choice of Via: header (specifically the tag value) be computed based on header values in a request that do not change on retransmission. If a proxy is stateful, then the proxy remembers incoming requests and corresponding outgoing requests, and it is able to act more intelligently on subsequent requests and responses related to the same session. Two important headers in Figure 5-12 are the Record-Route: and the Route: headers. In the example, all messages and responses pass through the same proxy. This need not necessarily be the case, however. Although the response to a given request must return along the same route as used by the request, two consecutive requests need not follow the same path. Given that an initial INVITE will contain a Contact: header and responses can also contain a Contact: header, the two ends of the call might have the addressing information necessary to communicate directly. Therefore, after the initial INVITE request and response, subsequent requests and responses might be sent end to end. A proxy might require that it remain in the signaling path for all subsequent requests, however. For example, a proxy might need to remain in the signaling path in order to provide some advanced service. A proxy can ensure that it remains in the signaling path through the use of the Record-Route: header. Each proxy that wants to remain in the signaling path for future requests inserts its address in the Record-Route: header field of the INVITE, such that the Record-Route: header field ultimately contains a list of proxy addresses, each of the form server.domain. Each proxy places its address at the head of the list such that, at the end of the signaling path, the first entry in the list is that of the last proxy used.
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FIGURE 21-6 Display properties for a table
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This example has one neighbor ( Table 21-3 explains the output of this command. If you see a log message on your router about your router and a neighboring EIGRP router not on a common subnet, then you have misconfigured the IP addressing on either your router or the peer router (they re in different subnets).
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Trunk and Extremities
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Given the high investments in telecommunications and power line infrastructures, it is clear (from a cost-benefit analysis) that successful adoption and penetration of PLT technology must be based on a range of simultaneous applications or service. It is also clear that PLT requires an integrated blend of disparate capabilities (telecommunications, power engineering, advanced software applications, dedicated hardware and market research).
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The C# Language
FIGURE 14.10. Circular arc cams.
What is an attribute What is a relationship What is the natural language correspondence for entity types and relationships What is the difference between an ERD and an instance diagram What symbols are the ERD counterparts of foreign keys in the Relational Model What cardinalities indicate functional, optional, and mandatory relationships
7The ATSC standards are intended to replace the NTSC system and are being adopted by many other countries besides the US. The ATSC has defined systems for both standard and high definition television, but only the high definition formats are included here.
ter, but has a 90 degree phase difference between its two output ports. It also possesses a 20 percent bandwidth. 1. R 2. L 3. C1 4. C2 50 ohms. R . 2 f 1 . 2 fR 0.5 1 2 fR
MHP (GEM) patents One-time fee of $15,000 ($1000 for small Player manufacturers, companies), $1.75 per product software player developers Digital HDCP format and $15,000 per year; $1000 for 10,000 device Player manufacturers, Content patents keys ($0.10 per key), display manufacturers Protection, $2500 for 100,000 keys ($0.025 per key), LLC (Intel) $5000 for 1,000,000 keys ($0.005 per key) 5C DTCP format and patents HDMI format $14,000 (small) or $18,000 (large) per year; $0.06 (small) or $.05 (large) per device (for key), $200 per order $10,000 per year (less for volumes of 10,000 units or less); $0.05 per product ($0.04 per product if HDCP implemented) Player manufacturers, display manufacturers Manufacturers of players, displays, receivers, cables, and related hardware Disc replicators or content providers
2. Change the object name from Mth to Month Number. 3. The object type relates to the field format in the source database as well as to how users will choose to manipulate the object s data in a report. Leave the Type as Number. 4. In the Description box, enter help text that is meaningful for users. If users will use a field as part of a condition, I like to give them an indication of the format. Enter the following help text: Month Number is a numeric field that shows the month in which the sale or promotion occurred. For example, January is equal to 1. 5. The Select statement is the SQL used to dynamically build the user s query. If you are creating a new object, it is best to use the arrow button to launch the SQL Editor to select tables and columns to ensure the SQL is accurate. 6. The Where box is used to generate the WHERE clause within a SQL statement. It s important to remember, though, that Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence append the WHERE clause to the entire query (assuming the particular object is used in the query). For example, if you have an object Current Year Sales with a WHERE clause of Year=2003 and a Last Year Sales where Year=2002 and a user selects both objects for one report, then no data will be returned; the two WHERE clauses are mutually exclusive. Therefore, this box is most often left blank or used for variable prompts as discussed in 11. 7. Click OK to close the object s Edit Properties dialog box.
Figure 1-1. A stateful firewall adds a connection to its connection table.
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When an event occurs, PC Access can notify you by calling one of eight telephone numbers you specify. When calling, you can establish a certain message that the computer will speak. Also, it is possible to set up the Omni II to call a central station to indicate there is a problem. The ability to call that central station is
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